Mutagen Sample Farming Guide

Mutagen samples are a special resource that has the description “These samples could advance our knowledge of biological research.“ It is primarily found on planets that have the infested and appear from enemies and containers in the image on the left. Even though they can… Read More »Mutagen Sample Farming Guide

Steel Essence Farming Guide

Steel Essence is a special resource that can only appear in the steal path mode. Steel essence is described as “Tokens of Teshin’s Esteem” earned from Incursion Alerts or Acolytes on The Steel Path. Can be exchanged for items that prove your warrior capabilities. To… Read More »Steel Essence Farming Guide

Layers of Fears Gamescom Trailer Released

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One of the new storylines created exclusively for Layers of Fears, Bloober Team and Anshar Studios provided a look at “The Final Note” during Gamescom earlier this week.

Dakar Desert Rally Gameplay Overview Trailer Released

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Capturing the speed and excitement of Amaury Sport Organization’s largest rally race in the world, check out some of the gameplay options that await players in Bigmoon Entertainment and Saber Porto’s Dakar Desert Rally with the latest trailer for the game.