Tunisia travel: things to know before visiting Tunisia

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If you are planning to visit Tunisia, then you need to read this article and discover these helpful Tunisia travel tips. Included below are answers to the most common questions such as “is Tunisia safe to travel?”, “do you need…

Insects: What Are They Good For?

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Do you get this question a lot? I do, so let’s think about how to answer it. Insects don’t have to be of any human value in order for them to matter, but many people are more likely to be persuaded of the value of insects by human-centred arguments. With approximately one million insect species …

Top 5 places to visit on a budget in Ireland

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Ireland is often said to be notoriously expensive. However, here are five places to visit on a budget in Ireland. You may have heard horror stories about how expensive it is in Ireland. From the rising cost of rent to…