Guns of Glory Patch 6.8.0 3 New Guards

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Log on to the website with full focus to clean up the menu issue.  There is so much content that has various locations that it takes 28 different menu’s to be bop around this place.  I get a notification that I have a private message from  Bella  from  K191and  she  had  some  lengthy  concerns  about  patch  6.8.0 new guards and the lengthy efforts take by FunPlus to try to shut me down to maintain 100% control over their marketing to new players .

Here is the dirty little secret, while I could not fathom what would possess FunPlus to destroy a marketing system that filled a hole they couldn’t fill themselves last year with the guard and march update, my adjustments to the website are now UNEFFECTED by their changes.   New Guards is now just a little data entry to implement them into new marches.   That being said.


I Like what i see in the new guards.  Spending so much time building the new Player vs Player calculators I discovered some glaring problems with t13’s over t12’s and the new guards don’t completely make me feel warm and fuzzy but the firepower guards give hope that a c40 can beat a c44 (in theory).  The problem lies in the 20% base stat gap and the reality that the cost to c44 is so great no c44 won’t have their show stats close to if not maxed out.  This has been a childish design flaw of any new gear, troop or item into the system and lends to the masses constantly complaining of pay to win.  In fact the gear is the win desire for to be free and instant and only you can win with well. As I said some childish thinking on part of FunPlus developers, who cant concept there are consequences to bad publicity. Millions of dollars worth of consequences.

We have Vauban a new garrison guard (wall guard)  With a direct damage reduction of 3% for 2 rounds and there doesn’t appear to be a trigger limit on that reduction. (speed will be a factor on this guard)  The other damage reductions are “guard” conditional damage reductions meaning only half the fight is a damage reduction and only from incoming guards damage and not the troops.  This guard will be a factor in troop marches incoming 500k in volume or below.




The other two guards are a new class of guards Firepower guards.  This is where I need to caution people to READ what the 5th talent says.  Its 20% damage increase on offense (helping bridge the gap of t12 to t13’s and even overcome that gap when both firepower guards are used.  But its defensive capabilities do not gain the 20% damage increase nor should they as these guards bring some balance back to the game from the introduction of C45’s.  If only we could get them to clean  up the hackers.   The shred effect is “sticky” and it appears one guard will trigger its use on another.  This seems to be an effort to deal with the volume of march cap difference not just the tier base damage and health numbers gaps.

These guards at lower levels are going to allow many castle to punch up and with the slow build on the airship the distance march is king once again for new players looking to be on the offense.   This should allow some strategic play of one mega leader using these guards to punch a hole in a tower and then someone else taking over the mega for a better defense mega.  Time will tell


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