Nokona’s Jaw-Dropping EdgeX Glove Line

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Nokona is a tried-and-true American brand. One of the few companies to still make their gloves stateside, Nokona has been crafting gloves in the US for over 85 years. Despite their heritage, they are venturing where no glove company has before.

Enter the EdgeX glove line. With a price range starting north of $700, these gloves naturally caught our attention. Every EdgeX glove is handcrafted in Nocona, Texas and is a one-of-a-kind piece that will never be duplicated. It’s an interesting concept and we reached out to the folks at Nokona to see what justifies this steep price tag.

My Thoughts

Let’s start with my initial review of the glove I have in hand before jumping into the detailed specs. Bottom line, this glove is epic. The leather quality is off the charts. The glove Nokona sent out to me is this tan, black, and royal beauty. This one is full American Kip leather that is buttery smooth and would have retailed for $900 on Nokona’s website. I am a fan of the pattern of this infield model as well. Feels like it will create a thumb to ring finger close when worn two-in-the-pinky and a thumb to middle finger close when worn straight up. My only initial complaint is with the thumb loop. Overall, this glove feels overbuilt but the thumb loop feels more old school. In a world of highly padded thumb sleeves, the thumb on the EdgeX is a simple loop like you see on older gloves. This glove is impressive nonetheless. The details are amazing and the quality is second to none – this glove even smells like a high-quality leather goods store. I am very impressed by this glove and can’t wait to break it in to provide some more insight into this crazy glove!

Now, onto the backstory and details of this high-end glove line.

What was the motivation to create the EdgeX?

We asked Nokona what motivated them to create this very unique line. The project started in 2018 when Nokona honed in on four key areas most vital to a glove.

  1. Lighter weight for quicker responsiveness
  2. Improved fit and feel for greater confidence and control
  3. Integrity of the pocket for best break-in, proper structure, and a smooth palm
  4. Increased durability

This led to the birth of the EdgeX line. Nokona developed this method to “preserve the integrity of our leathers and eliminate the need to turn a glove inside-out during production.” They were able to achieve this through “digitally engineered patterns and finding the right thread to eliminate turning and keep edges and stitching exposed” which causes the exposed stitching around the whole glove. Nokona says this process – while more labor-intensive – maintains the integrity, smoothness, and increases durability of the leather.

What makes the EdgeX special from a visual as well as from a functional standpoint?

This glove clearly looks different than anything else but looks alone do not justify this price tag. So what is the functional benefit of the EdgeX?

According to Nokona, components of the EdgeX are “stitched right-side-up, which reduces tightness, enhances comfort and feel inside the glove, and creates a smoother pocket with less creasing on the outside of the glove.” The stitching used to connect all of the pieces is a “specialized bonded and waxed thread that has over three times the tensile strength and abrasion resistance of traditional ball glove thread.” So, while the stitching is a unique look, it should also be durable.

Every piece of the glove is digitally engineered to fit together perfectly. Nokona says that this creates a finished product that is structurally “perfect.” Will it be for the player, though? That’s the real matter at hand.

The EdgeX glove line initially released in a run of 40 one-of-a-kind gloves.

Nokona hopes to continue to grow the line following a successful initial release. If you missed out on the first drop, the second wave of gloves is available now on Nokona’s website.

Will the EdgeX glove line expand to other positions?

The first set of 40 gloves featured only 11.5″ and 12″ models, essentially serving only infielders and pitchers. I wanted to know if this glove line will cater to every position down the line.

Nokona has added a couple 12.75″ options to accommodate outfielders this time around. Lefties will also be getting some love in the future with EdgeX options for the southpaws coming as well. Catchers and first basemen will have to wait a little longer but Nokona hopes to eventually cover all positions.

These gloves cause a little bit of sticker shock but are selling great, what causes the high price tag with the EdgeX line?

The question everyone is asking, what makes the EdgeX a $700+ baseball glove?

A glove line with options coming in at $950 is going to turn heads and raise eyebrows. The is an astonishing number when compared to the $250-$500 price tag people are used to seeing on high end leather. So what makes the EdgeX special?

Nokona says this starts with the highest quality materials. Those exceptional materials paired with the level of hand craftsmanship that goes into each EdgeX significantly elevates the price. The process Nokona has developed is one we have not seen before which also lends itself to a premium price.

The digital precision of the pieces is elevated by the fact that each glove is a one-of-one piece as well. They are all designed by Nokona’s team before being handcrafted by highly-skilled fabricators.

Final Thoughts

The EdgeX glove line is impressive. There is no way around that. The EdgeX, however, will obviously be unattainable for the vast majority of ballplayers. The EdgeX is the equivalent of an extreme luxury car. While most people will never truly experience what it’s like to own a Lamborghini, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist. The EdgeX, in my eyes, represents the same scenario in the glove world – extreme craftsmanship and precision with a price tag to match. Yes, other gloves will catch the ball for a much cheaper price but, just like a high-end car can make a statement on the road, an EdgeX glove can make a statement on the field. The second wave of EdgeX gloves just dropped on Nokona’s website, get yours now.

UPDATE: EdgeX Wave 2 has already completely sold out. Wave 3 will be coming soon, stay tuned!

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