Burns By The Bergamot Is Perfect For Dark Winter Nights

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Emmy award-winning singer-songwriters The Bergamot recently released their new single Burns and it is a stunning song. With airy vocals and a husky tone, the music is perfect to accompany those dark winter nights that are beginning to draw in.

The Bergamot is a Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo who is due to release a new album in the 2022 new year via AWAL. Alongside their well-anticipated album, they are also set to release a full-length documentary to accompany it which will be called State of the Unity.

New release Burns portrays a strong sense of longing for someone that you adore and care about; reassuring them that you are there to stay, always, and you are going to take care of them. It allows the mind to reminisce about the people we miss and reminds us of whom we care about. The Bergamot wrote the song intending to explore the relationships between people from all over the world during the pandemic we have faced, especially over the last 18 months of wanting to be close to the ones that we love. They feel it is stronger now than ever before – the desire to connect and be together physically. There is hope that we will be able to see loved ones this Christmas and this song is among many beacons of hope that we will be able to do so.

In the Burns music video, we see two people who are taken away from each other and who are reunited. This was something The Bergamot envisioned to resemble how we have all lost loved ones, opportunities, celebrations and the ability to make memories. “Through 2020, we have all lost significant loved ones, things, opportunities. Taken out from right underneath us. As we reflect on what the future holds, we are uncertain what will resume or be replaced. It’s a time of great opportunity and hope, but also of tremendous uncertainty” says Nathaniel Hoff. “We’ve seen great tragedy through these times – but great moments of beauty as well,” he concludes. “We hope the video really captures the desolation but optimism that we all have for the time ahead.”

From a visual perspective, the video is very symbolic of the effects that COVID-19 emotionally has had on us all and certainly is a reflection of exactly what The Bergamot wanted to portray. The ballet dancing was stunning, spectacular and displayed some true talent from the dancers and choreographers to make a piece that emoted so beautifully and solemnly. The ice-cold, white rooms that they danced in, completely isolated from everyone else and whom they loved was interesting to see and solidified the feeling of aloneness we all felt and still continue to feel at the moment because of restrictions in the world.

Other half of the duo Jillian Speece added; “We held off on releasing a full album in 2021 due to the inability to tour and support such a release, with all the shifting sands of the late stages of COVID. So, we are taking the leap that 2022 will be the year of music’s full and glorious return!”

The duo has recently travelled to London to work with Matt Wiggins (Glass Animals, London Grammar) to work on The Bergamot’s latest release Mayflies which is available to listen to now. There is a new single with Matt which is set to be released in the spring of 2022 which The Bergamot is adding the finishing touches to now.

Burns is a song that will build the anticipation of the Christmas holiday season and finally being able to reunite with the ones that we love. We look forward to seeing what else that they have got planned for us.

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