Neon Music’s Main Character Playlist

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Over an inspirational melody a female voice reads; “You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start thinking about yourself as the main character.” 

It’s the TikTok trend that’s had us embracing everyday life from a whole new fanciful perspective. For those who are left pondering, the concept is simple. It’s an invitation to become the Main Character in our own daily lives as if each moment were a scene from the next big Hollywood blockbuster. 

You know the kind of scene. Right?

Think of the famous opening when Anne Hathaway strolls through New York City on her way to work in The Devil Wears Prada. Magnificently soundtracked by KT Tunstall’s uplifting 2000s hit Suddenly I See. Or, the classic rom-com story where two college friends finally fall in love and their summer montage makes you want to book a flight, pack your bags and follow the sun with your soulmate.  

Neon Music’s Main Character Playlist
Photo by murat esibatir

Since then, TikTok creators across the globe have jumped on the trend and shared their videos embodying their main character spirit. Whether it’s a silky video of a blissful early morning coffee, taking in the peace of the sun rising before the working day ahead. Or, stitched up video clips of you and your closest friends amongst a raving crowd out at your favourite music festival. All soundtracked to uplifting, dopamine-endorsing tunes and the original voiceover audio. 

Whilst it’s a fun social media trend to get creative with as a TikTok-er if you look a little deeper into the idea, there’s quite a sweet and humbling sentiment to be found. Pessimists will hound the trend for glamorising self-centred behaviour. However, it’s a reminder that we should be grateful for all of the seemingly small and insignificant moments. Because life as a whole can be quite magical when we take a step back and truly appreciate it…anyone else getting Love Actually vibes? 

Anyway! Now it’s our turn to take centre stage on the red carpet.

Embracing our own main character energy, Neon Music presents a playlist of tracks that are sure to have you owning the movie of your life. 

It’s full of songs to play when you’re strutting down the street for a morning coffee-to-go, getting lost in the moment dancing your heart out in the kitchen when nobody is watching or staring out the window of a city taxi taking in the metropolitan views. An empowering soundtrack to lift your day whatever it holds for you.

Cue the lights, camera action and check out our new Main Character Playlist here. 

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