5 Important things to know before visiting Thailand

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Thailand, located in the center of mainland Southeast Asia, is a country preferred by many tourists each year. Both luxury travelers, as well as backpackers, come here and everyone finds something suitable to their preferences and budget.

The royal palaces, amazing beaches, the beautiful ancient ruins, and the numerous temples (many famous worldwide), lure many people here each year.

temple thailand - things to know before visiting Thailand

We have, on this site, a guide for Koh Samui, one for Chiang Mai, as well as tips for expats who want to move to Thailand.
If you are planning a trip to Thailand, then these things to know before visiting Thailand will be very useful to you.

We already presented you the best time to visit Thailand and the top places to visit in Thailand in this article, along with a few useful tips, so in this article, we’ll focus on other areas to help you have a great time in Thailand.

Respect the local culture and the royal family

I always emphasize the importance of being mindful of the local culture and customs. Sometimes, what may be normal to you is forbidden or considered impolite in other cultures and countries.

In Thailand, among others:

  • you should eat with your spoon, instead of your fork
  • never touch someone’s head
  • never speak badly of the King or the Royal Family. You can face jail time if you do that. You can ask the locals about the King – if you want to know more, but never say anything about monarchy or the King and the royal family (even if asked what you think of them.)
  • do not point your feet towards the image of Budha, the King, or a person.

Health Declaration Form to travel to Thailand

As always, when it comes to visiting a country, you must look up the information regarding visas.

If you wish to visit Thailand, you need to know that there are several types of visas.

There are some countries that are eligible to enter Thailand visa-free for limited periods of time. If your country is not on that list, then you need to check here the types of visas and other documents required to have in order to be able to visit Thailand.

Make sure you have your elbows and knees covered when visiting different locations

Related to the number one element in this article, what to wear in Thailand is an important topic. While the rules are not extremely strict (so you can enjoy your regular clothes), you have to have your elbows and knees covered when visiting palaces, monasteries, temples, wats. etc.

If possible, wear something that covers your knees all the time – and have a thin blouse/jacket for such important attractions.

Have a Bug Spray with You

If you don’t want your Thailand vacation to be cut short because of bug bytes, then you should carry a bug repellent spray with you.

If you are like me – a bit allergic to the most common mosquito! – then you don’t want to be bit by an insect (or more!) from a completely different part of the world and climate. In this case, such a bug spray will help you stay healthy and enjoy each moment of your Thailand vacation.

And an extra mention here: have a pack of tissues (or a bit of toilet paper with you) as you may discover that not all toilets are always replenished with toilet paper.

I admit that this is something I do in any country I visit – I always have tissues with me. Just in case. Better to be safe than sorry!

Pay attention to Buddha images that you may want to take home

Buddha Thailand - what to know before going to Thailand

They are almost everywhere, but you should know that it is illegal to take Buddha images out of the country – this refers mainly to antiquities or statues, but is not limited to this.

If you want to remain on the safe side, you’d better avoid buying Buddha-related souvenirs altogether. Some of them could be OK to take out of the country though – you can read here a more detailed article on this topic.

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