Thaumica Farming Guide

Thaumica is a mining resource that can be obtained in the Cambion Drift. To get this resource you must go to the yellow Mineral Veins and mine it for a chance of getting this resource.

It is the main component in crafting Hespazym Alloy and is described as “Clay that strengthens into extremely durable stone when brought to temperatures below zero”.

Because it is only a minable resource it can only be found in Vallis and is only used to make Hespazym Alloy.

Although Hespazym Alloy is quite important as it is used to make several important blueprints for the Warframe Baruuk, K drive components, and Kit guns.

Thaumica Farming Locations

Currently, the best farming location for Thaumica is in Orb Vallis – as it is the only place to farm them.

Normally you would want to be looking for the red Veins as they are the ones that contain the ores, but you could also go into caves as they are known to have a plethora of red ores as well as other resources that might be valuable.

Enemies That Drop This Thaumica

There are no enemies that Drop Thaumica, and the only option is to mine them. But there are possible locations where it spawns the most.

These are:

  • The lake in the northwest at the Temple of Profit.
  • The southwest corner around the Asta Crater.
  • The southwest of the Temple Fabrication (due to the relatively high number of mineral deposits in the area).

Guide to Farming Thaumica

Mining in Warframe is more of a minigame in warframe. Before you start mining you need several things.

The first is a stealth warframe, one that will allow you to mine without getting annoyed by any enemies around.

This can be Loki or Ivara, or if you are just going into caves a warframe like Titania can help when the ores appear in the hard-to-reach places.

The second is you will need a mining tool; I would recommend the sun point plasma drill from Fortuna or the Nosam cutter as they will tell you if there are any ores or mines nearby and give you the highest yield.

After you have gotten both and you are ready to mine, make sure that you have your drill equipped in your equipment wheel as that is how you can access it again when you go into the plains, alternatively, you could also have a hotkey for it.

Now when you go into Orb Vallis, and you equip your drill as you move you will notice that it will start beeping. The closer that you get to the ore the faster the beeping becomes, if you aim with your drill like a weapon, it also tells you the distance to the ore.

When you finally get to the ore you will notice that there are glowing points on the ore. When fired on these points reveal a ring with a specific area that has white brackets around it.

To get the highest potential of ore, or a chance at the rare ore you must first fire the drill at the glowing points and as the cursor moves in a circle in the ring, you then must stop once it reaches the inside of the brackets, and for the smaller ones, you stop at the middle.


There are several things that can help with the mining yield these are resource boosters and the smeeta kavat buff, because these stacks you can increase your mining yield by quite a high amount.

However, it should be noted that you won’t always get Thaumica so it will take a large amount of time farm a good amount but luckily you can quickly travel along with the map from location to location and reset.

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