Biden sends surprise vaccine message to NFL superstar

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US president Joe Biden has used a trip to a tornado-ravaged area to wade into the controversy over Aaron Rodgers’ Covid status, advising the NFL player who attempted to avoid a vaccine row with the “woke mob”.

President Biden was paying a visit to the Midwest, where at least 100 people have been killed by winds of up to 100mph in five states this week, when he made his surprising remark about vaccines.

Surveying scenes where the freak conditions had torn off roofs, toppled trees, overturned vehicles and caused power outages in Mayfield, Kentucky, the head of state stopped to talk to two women.

When he was that one of the women was donning a Green Bay Packers cap and shirt – the team Rodgers plays for – Biden warned: “Tell that quarterback he’s gotta get the vaccine” while the cameras were rolling.

Video footage of the incident showed the two women laughed in response. And while Rodgers is yet to address this latest episode in the saga, he may well do if he appears again on the Pat McAfee Show, which has provided the stage for the controversy. 

In early November, Rodgers appeared on the popular program to address accusations that he had lied about having the vaccine because he claimed he was “immunized” and went on to contract Covid.

“I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now, so before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I’d like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself right now,” he told the show.

I didn’t lie in the initial press conference. During that time there was a very…  a ‘witch hunt’ that was going on across the league where everybody in the media was so concerned about who was vaccinated and who wasn’t, and what that meant and who was being selfish and who would talk about it.

“[It was about] what they meant when they said it was a ‘personal decision’, [and that] they shouldn’t have to disclose their own medical information… and at the time, my plan was to say that I had been immunized. It wasn’t some sort of ruse or lie – it was the truth,” he clarified.

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