French For Rabbits Drops Dreamy New Album The Overflow

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New Zealand-based group French for Rabbits knows how to make dreamy music you can drift into. Their new album The Overflow includes their distinctive ethereal sound filled with warmth, a spacious soundscape, intimate vocals and a dusting of psychedelia. One of our favourite songs on the album is the haunting The Outsider, “an introvert’s anthem that finds joy in the act of being alone. The song distils the feeling of being an awkward introvert at a party – staring at your phone on the edges of a crowd.”

Lead singer-songwriter Brooke Singer told Neon Music exclusively about this release:

“I’d been invited by a friend to a party not long after I landed in LA – a swimming pool, palm trees, musical heroes of mine (who were of course actually just lovely, interesting people). I’m quite a shy person, and the culture shock of coming into this from my normally quiet life in Wellington was real! The song is about being that introvert at a party, inhibitions and trying to fit in.”

Brooke Singer discusses the thought-provoking and equally dreamy music video, “The Outsider video is one of four music videos I created with my good friend Martin Sagadin for this record. I love that we went really deep into the visual world for each song and each of them is quite distinct to the song. My simple idea for it (haha) actually turned out to be quite complex due to all the nighttime shooting –Julian Vares did the cinematography.

I am slightly obsessed with the video we made – it is spooky and cinematic. This song was always vivid with imagery for me, and so the storyline wrote itself and I could picture in my head every scene. I absolutely adore the ending – dancing in my room, and dancing with everyone when we’re all ghosts.”

The Outsider features on French For Rabbit’s new album The Overflow which is out now.

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