Rapper Ty Brasel Finds Salvation With New Album Destiny: Volume 1

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It is all about Nashville based, Hip-Hop label IVAV (a hip-hop division of Curb Records), and their very own Ty Brasel. Brasel, who has just dropped his latest phenomenal mixtape Destiny: Vol 1, straight after the noteworthy success of The Divine Storm. Ty’s latest project is an honest critique and self-reflection into his past, where he aims to help illuminate, inspire and instigate others into battling through their shackles of inhibitions through the guidance of religion.

Coming from humble beginnings, Brasel is no stranger to the setbacks and misleading directions of the paths we each walk along, but now he uses his faith-driven hip-hop to light a torch, illuminating the right direction for anyone that has lost their way,“The notion that while there may be storms within, peace and hope are attainable.”

Rapper Ty Brasel Finds Salvation With New Album Destiny: Volume 1

Brought up in the outskirts of Memphis, faith and religion have always followed Brasel, which can be heard within this album, elements of gospel and soul flowing through tracks like On Me and Halo. Brasel showcases a vulnerability in his lyrics with tracks like Right My Wrongs, wearing his heart on his sleeve to create an innate connection with his audience. The mix of spacey synths, melodic vocal rhythms, and glitchy beats transfigures into something quite miraculous. There is a clear hunger in Ty Brasel’s music, something which he is perfectly setting himself up for.

“As I become more aware of my own heart and mind, dealing with my issues, I turn that into lyrics. So many of the songs on this new project have come out of me facing my problems head-on and reaching out when everything in me wants to turn away. We can overcome even the worst of adversities.” – Ty Brasel

Destiny: Vol 1 is out now.

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