Bridgerton: Your New Style Inspiration

Bridgerton inspired fashion is on the rise and with Regency-style being the most popular UK trend in 2022 it’s time to embrace your inner debutante.

New research by Fenwick Department Store reveals a 186.92% increase in online demand for regency fashion over the past year, based on an analysis of recent UK online search trends. The study highlights a considerable popularity spike in the lead up to the second season of the Netflix hit, Bridgerton, that aired Friday 25th of March, with searches for regency dresses up 175% since December.

If you have already binge-watched the second series of Bridgerton and it has left you with a Regency style craving, there is no better time to introduce some of these elegant fashion choices into your wardrobe. This fashion trend is making another comeback only this time – we’re not confined to our living rooms and we can turn heads in our opulent textures and statement sleeves.

Whether you’re embracing your inner intellect as Penelope, channelling the sweet and innocent nature of Edwina or perhaps just wanting to up your fashion game – regency fashion is here to stay and we have some ideas to help get you started:

The silhouette

Corsets have been worn for centuries to highlight and accentuate the female form – but gone are the days of discomfort and restricted breathing! Corset tops offer the look and structure of a corset without the rigid fit, and there are plenty to choose from. Whether you go all out with an intricate lace-up number or an easier-to-manage zipped version, these structural tops will give you curves in all the right places but with none of the pain.

Corset tops are truly versatile. They can be worn on their own, over a crisp white shirt or even over your favourite floral dress – bringing that regency touch into more than one outfit.

And if a corset top is a step too far for you, achieve the same look by wearing a corset-style belt instead! A statement belt can transform an ordinary-looking outfit into something extraordinary.

The textures

A ruffled top, skirt or dress can be dressed up or down depending on how brave you’re feeling. Pair a puff sleeve top with a pair of jeans and pumps for a casual, understated take on the trend or turn it up a notch and wear that ruffled shirt under a corset for more impact. With a cinched in waist, your oversized sleeves are highlighted even further and the combination of the ruffled fabric and structured corset is a modern twist not to be missed.

Alternatively, a dress is a great choice for those who want to save time planning an outfit. With spring on the way, embrace the good weather with a multi-layered maxi dress – a great way to get as many ruffles as possible into one outfit with minimal effort!

Bridgerton: Your new style inspiration

From left to right: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Cynthia Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress, £250; The Vampire’s Wife The Villanelle Dress, £695; DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Colette Coated Cotton Midi Dress, £190

The accessories

Accessories are an opportunity to have some fun and experiment. It’s all about pearls, jewels, lace and feather trims. You can change the whole look of an outfit with the right accessory and it doesn’t have to break the bank – be bold and don’t hold back!

Headpieces are a great place to start if you want to try something new or have a special event to prepare for. Ranging from dainty jewelled clips to pearl-covered tiaras, these are sure to take your outfit to new regency heights. Add a feather-trimmed bag and a pair of satin gloves and you’ve got everything you need to be the belle of the ball.

Where to start?

The fashion world really is your oyster when it comes to Regency fashion. Although you might not fancy slipping on an empire-waisted gown, there are endless ways to turn up your style by adding some subtle nods to high society.

Experiment with different variations, starting with a key accessory that can be easily paired with an outfit you already own before building up to a full Regency core outfit. This way you can test the waters before committing yourself to the trend.

You can get the look without completely overhauling your wardrobe by just adding accessories. Don’t stress over getting it ‘right’, enjoy yourself and have fun!

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