Premiere: Novaa Drops The Introspective I Would Be Rich

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Novaa drops her addictive new single I Would Be Rich. Taken from her forthcoming album She’s A Star set for release on May 27th, I Would Be Rich is a song filled with shimmering layers and edgy electronic textures. Honest lyrics and gossamer light vocals float over a sing-song, lullaby-like style melody.

Premiere: NOVAA Drops The Introspective I Would Be Rich

The Berlin-based artist comments on her new release, “It is very insulting to me when I get the comment ‘you’re so lucky’ on my successes. There is one thing you can always be sure of, a woman in the music industry and also in any other job that is successfully doing her thing is never lucky. She is always extremely hard working. ‘I Would Be Rich’ is about doing the work for someone else and not getting credit or reward for it. It’s annoying and I’ve done it a lot in the past, and for sure will not do it again.

As the song ebbs and flows, Novaa’s raw introspection rides this sonically rich and impressive release.

I would be rich if the boys that I’ve been with
Thriving on me paid me money for their glow-up
I would be famous if they only gave me credit
For the work that I did, yes I said it

I Would Be Rich is out on Friday May 6th.

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