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Sibling Country duo Juna N Joey first shot to fame by posting covers on YouTube and gaining almost 8.1 million collective views and 10 million TikTok views. They recently released the acoustic version of their emotive hit Til Your Heart Breaks.

The talented singer-songwriters co-write with hit songwriters in Nashville, New York and LA. Their second single Til Your Heart Breaks is charting on Billboard Indicator, Music Row, College radio and the National and Regional Chart in the UK.

Neon Music caught up with the pair to discuss their new single and more.

Hey Juna N Joey, it’s lovely to get to spend some time with you both, how are you guys doing?
Juna N Joey: We are doing so well! Thanks for asking

Joey: I love both versions we did. I love the original version more because of the instruments and the piano gives the song more emotion. What made you create the acoustic version?

Juna: We decided to create the acoustic version to portray a more stripped back version of the song and really allow for the lyrics to shine through and be more understood.

We love the new acoustic version of ‘Til Your Heart Breaks’, which is your favourite version?
Juna: I personally love both, of course, but I feel that the original version gives the song a more dramatic feel and all the instrumentation really allows for the emotion to show throughout the song.

Joey: The acoustic version shows more of our vocals and you can listen to the harmony easier.

How do you feel like you have artistically developed since you released your first single ‘Stay Young’ back in 2019?
Juna: I feel like we have developed artistically tremendously. We have grown into our style more, especially through our writing and have learned so much about writing and more about the direction we want to go in and what kind of image and sound we want to achieve for ourselves.

Joey: Our instrument playing has developed over the years, our writing has got deeper, and we now know what direction we want to go.

Having moved to Nashville, do you find there is more of a creative spark here than when you were in Florida, how has it influenced you as artists?
Juna: We go back and forth between Nashville and Florida still so we are still located in both places. I believe the creative spark can come from wherever you are, and more importantly whatever you’ve done. We love travelling all around because we pull inspiration from different places and what we experience in those places such as when we tour. Creativity comes from living our life and writing through our own experiences and through putting ourselves in other people’s shoes when it comes to getting that spark and writing about situations or experiences we’ve never lived.

Joey: Nashville has definitely changed our musical intake. In Nashville, there’s a lot more writing, plentiful of famous artists and it’s just beautiful.

Who are your favourite Nashville musicians?
Juna N Joey: There are so many amazing musicians we’ve played with and have had the honor to meet in Nashville, but a few of our favorites include: John Willis, John Conley, Dave Francis, Nick Buda, Mike Rojas. All of these incredible musicians played on our record and we are so grateful to have been able to work with them and have them be a part of our most accomplished work.

Do you remember what the first pieces of music you both bought were?
Juna: If I remember correctly, I believe the first song I ever bought was the song “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes on my iPod touch after hearing my mama play it in the car and tell me how much she loves the song.

Joey: I think the first song I downloaded on my iPod touch was when I was your man by Brunei mars.

Where do you hope to be in another 3 years’ time?
Juna N Joey: It would be a dream to play at the Opry as well as open for one of our favorite artists out on the road and do as much travelling as we can. We would love to have our song chart in the top 10 to get our music out in the world and be recognized. We hope to collaborate with other artists as well on new music and of course, continue to write and get the one hit song the fans can’t resist.

Juna N Joey are set to release their Self Titled New EP produced by Ken Royster this summer.

Juna N Joey will be touring the UK this month at various festivals and also on a school tour talking about anti-bullying, which is a cause they advocate for. You can catch Juna N Joey in Lowestoft on 6th June. Find out more and book tickets.

Til Your Heart Breaks – Acoustic version is out now.

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