Jason Kerrison x Leigh Franklin Releases Someone Should Love You

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Immerse yourself in the blissful bubble of sound that is Someone Should Love You by Jason Kerrison co-written with and featuring fellow singer-songwriter Leigh Franklin. The sonic landscape is filled with warmth and intrigue while channeling various emotions as it softly glides on an ambient wave and then slowly builds to a climactic and jubilant chorus.

Kerrison’s expressive vocals complement Franklin’s distinctive and airy tones. There is a subtle retro nod in the root of the song and melting electronics.

Jason Kerrison is a New Zealand-based multi-platinum, award-winning artist who believes in the healing power of music. He champions music to enable reconnection to ourselves and others, especially during difficult times when we feel disconnected from ourselves and those around us. With this in mind, Jason has put together his ‘Someone Should Love You’ Tour, a live performance event with a difference. The shows are designed to be a mini-retreat where the music lover can recharge their batteries and be surrounded by like-minded souls.

New Zealand native Leigh Franklin is a talented musician, singer and songwriter whose honest and intimate songs you can easily get lost in. Franklin is currently working on her new EP called So My Love. We look forward to the title track being released in July 2022. 

Jason Kerrison x Leigh Franklin Releases Someone Should Love You
Leigh Franklin // Photo by Kyla Williams Photography

Kerrison discusses his new single and upcoming tour, “Leigh’s performance on ‘Someone Should Love You’ is beautiful and quite special, so representing the song live in this new format means people can hear the entire studio session including her performance in a live setting.

My acoustic solo shows were always fun, but at these shows I’ll be completely remixing pre-recorded stems of drums, guitars, bass, and other instruments live. I’m basically playing a studio live whilst trying to concentrate on nailing a vocal performance. The sound will be pretty large, it’ll be difference from anything else I’ve ever done, and a lot of fun to perform.

It’ll also be nice to provide a space to pass on my take on sacred sounds and share my personal practices. We can get lost in meditative practice, move to an invigorating sound bath and some good old-fashioned music. I want the vibe to be a bit like a mini-retreat where we can share and help one another, lighten the load with music, make meaningful connections, and take something away that will invite sacred sound to serve us in our lives.

When we feel alone or separated, we might feel like someone should love us, when actually, that person might be ourselves.”

Someone Should Love You is one of those cleverly constructed songs that takes you somewhere new upon each listen.

Find out more about Jason Kerrison’s Someone Should Love You New Zealand tour and book tickets.

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