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J-Hope - MoreNow that BTS are on group hiatus (or whatever HYBE wants to call it), it’s time for the members to further develop their solo pursuits. This kicks off with J-Hope, who already has several singles to his name. Ahead of his headlining performance at this year’s Lollapalooza, he’s set to release his first official album Jack in the Box. This is preceded by new track More, which may offer a taste of the sounds he’ll reveal later this month.

For those familiar with J-Hope’s past solo work, More will feel like a hard turn. Gone are the bright colors and upbeat energy, replaced by a grungy style that capitalizes on the resurgence of rock guitar in K-pop (and global music, for that matter). After BTS’s past few singles, I admire J-Hope’s decision to release something this un-commercial. More draws from many tried-and-true influences (90’s hip-hop, that aforementioned grunge), but doesn’t tie them into a neat package. There’s barely a notable hook to be found, and the energy is quite confrontational throughout. Entire segments are given over to muffled shouts. Butter, this ain’t!

Of course, admiration doesn’t automatically mean I’m dying to replay the song. More isn’t really for me, nor was it designed to be. It’s too amorphous to hold much favor on my playlist. The boisterous guitar during the hook is super satisfying, but without a chorus to support it the instrumental comes across as great production in search of a great song. The same could be said for the beat, which hits surprisingly hard for a track this freeform. Still, More is going to find many avid fans, and it’s fun to see J-Hope explore new musical avenues.

 Hooks 6
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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