Jane Foster Joins Marvel’s Avengers as The Mighty Thor

Crystal Dynamics has released patch 2.5 for Marvel’s Avengers where Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor becomes the latest addition to the roster of playable heroes.

The addition of the character was already teased back in April, and now developers Crystal Dynamics have officially introduced The Mighty Thor to the game. A deep-dive video was also released which shows off the goddess of thunder’s abilities. Jane Foster has her own set of unique ranged and melee combat attacks while wielding Mjolnir, in addition to a variety of comic-inspired outfits.

The Mighty Thor has been added as a free character in Marvel’s Avengers available now to all players. However, unlike some of the other heroes, Jane Foster won’t get her own campaign.

The Mighty Thor is the 11th playable hero in Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation and the 10th hero on all other platforms.

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