F1 22 Review

Another year of F1 racing means the release of a new entry in the video game series. And this time around, the game has introduced all the new regulations and car models to give players the most accurate depiction of the sport yet.

F1 22 offers the best on-track experience in the series so far, with intense and immersive gameplay that requires you to stay focused all throughout the race in order to come out on top. Although F1 22 is not your typical driving sim game, it can sometimes be pretty unforgiving. Miscalculated turns or a brief loss of control could put a quick end to your race if you’re not careful. Also, the AI drivers tend to be more on the aggressive side and will occasionally bump into you or cut you off. What helps make the game more accessible, is the option to shorten races to five laps which makes it easier to complete events without crashing halfway through them. Still, new players and veterans will both be able to enjoy what F1 22 has to offer in terms of intense and realistic gameplay.

The biggest change to the sport and game this year has to be the introduction of the new regulations and car models. The larger 18-inch wheels and heavier cars all make the moment-to-moment gameplay feel more grounded and precise. The presentation is strong and the game generally looks and sounds as good as ever when compared to previous iterations. The only exception would be character models, which aren’t quite where they should be. Furthermore, certain circuits such as Spain, Australia, and Abu Dhabi have been reworked in order to more accurately depict their real-life counterparts. Another nice touch is the addition of the new Miami International Autodrome to the F1 series for the first time for players to enjoy. The inclusion of VR support for PC gives players the chance to experience the most immersive version of the game. The use of VR puts players in the cockpit of the new cars which further elevates the gameplay to new heights.

Another new feature is the introduction of expensive supercars which can be driven on the tracks when taking part in the Pirelli Hot Lap challenges. While these supercars may look exotic and exciting to drive, they pale in comparison to what other racing games offer. The handling and traction of the supercars feel way off, especially once you get so used to the F1 cars.

The game features the two standard career modes that most returning players are already familiar with. There is the fan-favorite mode where you take on the role of a new driver and the second mode allows you to manage your own team. These modes have everything you’d expect in terms of content and progression.  With the addition of F1 life, drivers can now show off their own space, trophy collection, and more through the new social hub. This grants players tons of customization options to mess around with the look of their cars and drivers. Still, this doesn’t really add or detract much from the game and can just be ignored for the most part.

F1 22 improves on the already excellent gameplay with updated physics and introduces innovative new features such as VR support. While it is certainly a strong entry in the series, F1 22 is merely a small upgrade over its predecessors and struggles to offer meaningful additions to the game. While certainly a solid game that delivers the most up-to-date F1 racing experience yet, some of its new ideas and game modes could have been fleshed out more to differentiate F1 22 from previous entries in the series.

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