End Reign (ft. All Our War, Pig Destroyer, Bloodlet, Exhumed & Integrity Members) Premiere Exclusive New Track, “House of Thieves,” via the Decibel Flexi Series

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You’d think that subject line lets you know what’s in store. But End Reign — featuring vocalist Mike Score (All Out War), guitarist Domenic Romeo (Integrity), bassist Art Legere (Bloodlet), drummer Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer/Misery Index) and newly acquired guitarist Sebastian Philips (Exhumed/Noisem) — is more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps Romeo provides the best analysis of this new metallic hardcore dream team’s Decibel Flexi Series debut, “House of Thieves.”

“Imagine going back to Normandy Sound when Cro-Mags were recording Best Wishes. You challenge Harley Flanagan to get on a treadmill at the highest possible level, and wait for him to get tired. Except he doesn’t get tired and the treadmill just bursts into flames.

Now imagine Jeff Hanneman and Rocky George are called to put the fire out but they can’t get into the door so they have to fly in from above and quench the flames with wild solos and dive bombs.

“Now imagine Mille Petrozza was recording Pleasure to Kill in the studio next door and was mad about the fire, so he came over and yelled at everyone…but he ends up being steamrolled by Dave Lombardo and Vinnie Paul who were drinking all day and decided to take a tank for a drunken joyride.

“Now imagine Len Carmichael got it all on tape and sent it to Decibel.”

Now imagine jamming the 142nd entry in our vaunted series below. Stop imaging and go fucking do it. Then you can head off to the dB store where we have an extremely limited amount of the issues containing the End Reign flexi available. Don’t wait, this might be the last day to get one!

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