Pogba brother makes ‘Mbappe witchcraft’ claim (VIDEO)

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Mathias Pogba made the explosive allegations in a Twitter thread

The brother of football superstar Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba, has embarked on a Twitter rant accusing the playmaker of resorting to witchcraft to cast a spell on his France teammate Kylian Mbappe.

Ex-Manchester United playmaker Pogba, who returned to Juventus this summer, was forced to release a statement at the weekend after Mathias recorded and published threatening clips in French, English, Italian and Spanish where he claimed he would make “great revelations” about Paul and his Brazilian agent, Rafaela Pimenta.

Alongside his mother Yeo Moriba and Pimenta, Paul Pogba said that Mathias’ videos were “unfortunately no surprise.”

“They are in addition to threats and extortion attempts by an organized gang against Paul Pogba,” the statement added, in addition to detailing how the “competent bodies” in Italy and France were informed of the drama a month ago and that no further comments will be made while an investigation is ongoing.

Reports from outlets such as the AFP, who spoke to sources close to the Pogba family, have claimed that the armed gang tried to extort €13 million ($12.9 million) from Paul Pogba.

Sharing another report from France Info that said Mathias had used Paul’s credit card to steal up to €200,000 ($199,000) from him, Mathias went on a Twitter rant on Sunday evening where he started by saying that “what I expected has happened” in his little brother “finally” starting to show “his true face.”

“Since it was he who started talking to lie to the police and who brought out the info, you can’t blame me,” Mathias added.

“Paul, you really wanted to shut me up completely [and] lie [to] send me to prison,” Mathias said in a direct address to his sibling.

“I suspected it, now it’s true. My version of the facts happened and unlike you, I have enough to prove my words and your lies. I’ll tell you again: brother, manipulating people is not good!

“It’s not about money: you implicated me in spite of myself, I almost died because of you, you left me in the hole while fleeing and you want to play the innocent [party].

“When everything is said people will see that there is no bigger coward, bigger traitor and bigger hypocrite than you on this earth,” Mathias vowed.

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Pogba brother threatens to release ‘explosive details’ about football ace

Then reaching out to Mbappe, Mathias asked: “Kylian, now do you understand?”

“I have nothing negative against you, my words are for your [own] good, everything is true and proven, the marabout is known!” it was said, in reference to the traditional west African religious figure who Pogba allegedly contacted to cast a spell on the Paris Saint-Germain superstar, in allegations investigators are said to know about.

“Sorry for this brother, a so-called Muslim deep in witchcraft. It’s never good to have a hypocrite and a traitor near you!” Mathias signed off.

With Pogba currently injured but expected to return to action soon, it is exactly this kind of distraction that Didier Deschamps and his France camp do not need ahead of their World Cup title defense starting on November 22 against Australia in Qatar. 

At Euro 2020, in-fighting among the parents’ players, particularly between the mother of Adrien Rabiot and those of Pogba and Mbappe, reached a head after a shock round of 16 loss to Switzerland where Mbappe missed the decisive penalty in a shootout.  

And back in 2002, at the Japan-South Korea World Cup, a litany of issues not helped by big egos caused Les Bleus to implode as defending champions and fail to earn a single point in the group phase before being sent home packing.  

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