Explaining Hard Rock Daddy’s Radio Silence in 2022

By Adam Waldman (Publisher/Editor)

Life has a way of throwing you curveballs, and a big one was thrown at me this year. In the beginning of the year, I had planned on being much more active on Hard Rock Daddy. The last post on the site was on 3/1/22 (the 9-year anniversary of the launch of the site). It was an open letter to Hard Rock Daddy readers. In the letter, I wrote the following…

“Hard Rock Daddy has always been a labor of love. It still is, but when opportunities arose in other areas to generate income, something had to give because there are only so many hours in the day to split between work and family. For the better part of the last year, I have been working at least 60 hours a week on other projects.

Many of you have reached out over the course of the last year wondering what was going on. My apologies for not having the time to respond to everyone, but rest assured, your voices have been heard. I truly appreciate all of you for being loyal readers, and I apologize for the lack of consistent content over the past year or so.”

I fully intended to be back in action, but then the aforementioned curveball was thrown at me.

Not long after that open letter was published, I had (what I thought to be) some minor health issues. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid Cancer, a rare form of thyroid cancer that only affects 1,000 – 1,500 Americans per year. The only thing that is done for this kind of cancer (for the most part) is surgery. Now that I am fully recovered from surgery, and the prognosis looks fairly positive, I have decided to get back to work on Hard Rock Daddy, but it won’t be the same as it once was.

At the moment, I still need to continue working on other projects to pay the bills, and Hard Rock Daddy remains a labor of love. At some point that may change, but for now, I need to budget my time spent on the site. That will begin in earnest in 2023.

For the rest of 2022, I will be working on the annual Top 100 Hard Rock Songs of the year. I honestly wasn’t sure if that would be realistic until recently. Although it’s possible, it will still be challenging because I haven’t followed all of the new releases as closely as I usually do. That’s where I could use the help of the Hard Rock Daddy audience.

If you have songs or artists that you think are worthy of being included this year, please leave them in the comment section. I welcome any and all input that the Hard Rock Daddy audience is willing to contribute.

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