Learn Urban Travel Photography for Instagram

With this online course by Elaine Li, you can enhance the essence of your voyage by diving into urban travel photography practices to snap moments both in daylight and at night, forming a strong bond with those who follow you on Instagram.

Exploring the world through a lens, Elaine Li shares her passion for urban travel photography. With clients like Canon and The North Face, she knows how to capture the essence of cities across the globe. In this all-encompassing online course, you will learn how to take stunning Instagram photos of your adventures that showcase authenticity while still being aesthetically pleasing! Embrace different cultures with an open mind – explore them visually and create meaningful memories along the way with Elaine’s guidance.

Experience the joy of transforming your Instagram page into a captivating, ever-evolving journey. Master easy techniques for uncovering picturesque spots and making stunning night shots that will attract people to follow you! Discover smart editing methods, as well as tips on how to post it all in order to create an authentic connection with your followers. Capture what you see and share unforgettable travel stories through your posts.

Learn urban travel photography for Instagram with this online course by Elaine Li.

What will you learn in this highly recommended photography online course?

Uncover Elaine Li’s tale, her roots, and the sources of motivation for her style. Listen in as she shares how photography captured her attention and how Instagram altered everything. Get ready to start your online course with insight into these fascinating details!

Next, begin preparing for the shoot by starting with the location research phase. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the place and its culture. Once you have studied the destination, Elaine provides some photography tips and exercises to train your eye.

Before heading out to your destination, conduct an analysis of the camera and lens. When you’ve settled in after exploring a few neighborhoods, it’s time to take action! Learn how to tap into emotions on the street and hone your night-time shooting techniques – this is where progress begins.

Once you’ve taken your shots, transition to the image selection and editing phase in Photoshop and Lightroom. To conclude the course, Elaine will teach you how to share your masterpieces on Instagram, boost engagement levels, as well as foster strong connections with other users.

This course is ideal for passionate photographers who are eager to elevate their skills and capture breathtaking images during their travels, perfect for sharing on social media! To take this course, a fundamental comprehension of DSLR cameras and editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom is required. Additionally, you will require the following equipment: a camera for shooting purposes, a laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom pre-installed to edit footage taken on your camera, and last but not least; an Instagram-compatible smartphone.

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