Track Premiere: Nuclear Holocaust – “The End Is Imminent”

Let’s dispense with the notion that a track premiere by Polish grinders Nuclear Holocaust—a tune called “The End Is Imminent,” no less—was slated for February 14 for anything resembling romantic reasons. But then, any sensible person could arrive at that conclusion. So we’ll acknowledge that, yes, today is indeed Valentine’s Day and we hope you all are professing your deepest love and appreciation to your S.O.s in whatever way you choose: chocolate, flowers, back rubs, dinner and a movie, etc. We’re gonna go ahead and premiere a blistering track that’s pretty much the opposite of all that in both spirit and intention. “The End Is Imminent” may be a sexy-time mood killer, but if you’re more in the mood for a boot to the head—and who isn’t, really—it will deliver that, with a side of garbage-can vocals.

This festering bit of rottenness is one of 16 tracks on the third, and latest, Nuclear Holocaust album, Sailing the Seas of Nuclear Waste. The quartet—Bloodseeker (vocals), XXX-Bomber (guitar), Overkiller (drums), Doomtrigger (bass)—recorded the album in one day in August 2022 at Skog Vegas Studio, and it was engineered by Paweł Chyła. It’s set for release on CD and digitally on March 3 via Selfmadegod Records. You can place your preorders at the Selfmadegod webshop here and Bandcamp here.

This is what drummer Overkiller had to say about the new track:

“This song shows probably the best how far we can go for now. Although it may not be the best representative of the style of the whole album, it definitely shows the spirit of the creative process we engaged ourselves in.”

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