Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The struggle to have the most appealing cafe websites online is becoming more intense. Even with website designs, the initial impression of coffee shops is especially important.

Successful cafe websites serve as an accurate image of the business since a strong website serves as an efficient marketing tool to establish a reputation online.

Here is a list of several fantastic, contemporary cafe websites that you may use as models when constructing your best coffee shop website. There are websites for the whole coffee industry – coffee shops, bakeries, coffee roasters and bars, cafes with French and Italian influences, and other similar companies.

There are a few coffee shop website templates in the text that you may use to create your own.

Inspirational Modern Cafe Websites

The best coffee shop websites listed below are examples of established coffee shops with contemporary designs. Use these best practices for coffee shop website design as motivation for your cafe business.

Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen

1-6-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

There are coffee shops and coffee bars called Blank Slate in New York City’s NoMad and Midtown neighborhoods. Their coffee shop website has a neat, user-friendly layout and a well-written “about us” section.

Gustave Cafe

2-7-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The simple coffee shop website features a distinctive design with three parts that may be scrolled independently. Despite having a very simple design, it shows all the information and makes its menu accessible.

Wandering Goat Coffee Co.

3-7-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

You can do a lot with only a basic restaurant website design, as Wandering Goat convincingly demonstrates. The Wandering Goat’s coffee shop website design welcomes you with a huge header graphic that quickly conveys its main theme.

More information on their coffee roasters, store, and coffee shop may be found by scrolling down the webpage.


4-7-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

You should display your accolades on your coffee shop website if you’re one of the few surviving Bombay cafés and want to show off your accomplishments.

Dishoom does a fantastic job of showcasing its history and culture and demonstrating that they are expert in the culinary arts.

Coffee Address

5-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Coffee Address’s coffee shop website for the coffee shop features a beautiful homepage. It makes use of expansive, alluring photos, tasteful white space, motion as you scroll, and an exquisite slider.

Little Skips

6-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The amazing coffee shop website Little Skips serves as motivation for businesspeople and proprietors of coffee shops. It has a simple design and enables visitors to select a location to place an order right at the top.

On the site, a slider is used to showcase glam photos. If a visitor wants to buy anything, the website also provides a smooth shopping experience with a very clean structure.


7-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Mokarico is best characterized by the adjectives unique, minimalist, and exquisite. It is one of the best coffee shop websites that will show designers how current web designs should appear and feel.

It has buttons with an eye-catching design that hovers. Mokarico uses an asymmetrical layout to efficiently deliver the message.

Café Swan

8-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

In Cape Town, South Africa, the Swan Café is a chic contemporary coffee shop with a Parisian vibe. The coffee shop combines French and South African decor.


9-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The décor of Coffeebar in Silicon Valley, California, combines elements of a traditional Italian coffee shop with unique handcrafted bicycle ornaments that were inspired by the hip bike scene in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

They give helpful brew directions to their consumers and have detailed documentation on their coffee shop website about how they obtain their beans responsibly.

No Coffee Co.

10-4 Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

An original, great coffee shop website design was developed by the Hong Kong-based design firm Studio Adjective. This coffee business draws clients with a unique but sophisticated website.

On the homepage, it makes excellent use of a video that blends in nicely with the unique navigation bar in the center.

Ceremony Coffee

11-4 Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

This coffee shop website design has a few eye-catching and distinctive components. The parallax effect is one of several contemporary elements on the website.

The navigation bar, the available goods, and other aspects are all clearly visible against the backdrop of white thanks to the designers.

Lilac Patisserie

12-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

This artisanal bakery advertises itself as a coffee shop and bakery that only serves gluten-free products. The website’s simple design places all the crucial information in the header.

This great coffee shop website also provides a mailing list for staying in contact with visitors thanks to its distinctive brand narrative in the footer.


13-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Another excellent place to get ideas is the Couvee coffee shop website. It has a simple navigation bar, amazing animation, and lovely graphics. The website’s scrolling provides a zoom-out illusion. The homepage’s logo may be seen in the middle, merging in with the overall design.

Cafecito Santa Fe

14-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Located near The Trailhead, Cafecito Santa Fe is a family-run coffee shop that serves Italian-style coffee beverages, and Argentinian tea, as well as Armenian, Argentinean, and Italian food.

The webpage for the café is both attractive and useful. Excellent food photographs, a calming color scheme, and good typography are all included in the coffee shop website design. On a functional level, the website offers easy-to-navigate pages with appropriate CTAs.

Café Lula

15-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

This great coffee shop website, which is located on Kedzie Boulevard in Chicago, does a decent job of outlining the fundamentals. Additionally, the cafe’s menu is well presented, the food imagery is appealing, a Google Map with instructions has been incorporated, and accessing everything is straightforward.

La Café Potagar

16-4 Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The French coffee shop and restaurant Le Café Potager offer a calm environment. The user-friendly interface of the coffee shop’s website makes it simple to place carryout and delivery orders from the main page.

Coffee Cava

17-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The graphic presentation on this coffee shop website is innovative. The website zooms in on a picture of the bar with a coffee maker in the middle as users scroll down the page. The header’s simple navigation menu harmonizes with the rest of the website’s layout.

Bar Mr. West Cafe

18-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

The website for Seattle’s Mr. West Cafe Bar, which bills itself as an “ultramodern fixture,” delivers on the promise and gives online visitors a distinctive experience that would be considered modern. Mr. West Cafe Bar is a hipster haven that relies on strong text and gorgeous photos that seduce even the most snobbish of eaters.

The Corner Table

19-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

This cute little coffee shop website is from Nantucket, and it makes you happy. One of the key reasons the website portrays itself as warm and welcoming is the meticulous selection of photos it uses.

You may accidentally run upon parts like special seminars with chefs, the endearing tale of the family owners, and the cafe’s historic building thanks to its well-organized layout and straightforward concept.

Awesome Café Website Templates

We really hope that our list provided you with some inspiration and motivated you to begin developing your coffee shop website. If you need assistance getting started, go through our collection of the most creative website templates before starting to build your own.


20-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Utilize Sugaro to expand your cafe company online. This template is exceptional and has a simple yet beautiful design. You will just need a few minutes to complete the full website-building procedure since everything has been specified for your convenience.


21-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

An amazing template for quickly and easily creating a contemporary and great coffee shop website is Nadia. You may use this template to develop a fully functional website for your café. It comes with all the essential components.


22-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Elegant Themes’ main theme, Divi, also functions as a drag-and-drop builder with a ton of layout packs, options, and flexibility. One of the better layout packs is for a coffee shop.


23-4-edited Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Squarespace is a website design and hosting firm, not a template itself, that companies use to develop and host websites to establish an online presence. It is renowned for its clean, simple, and professional templates.

One of Squarespace’s classy coffee shop themes is seen here.


24-4 Modern cafe websites with inspiring website design

Eldridge has all the functions and pages a coffee shop needs. Both the top menu and the peach footer that is pin to every page include the Shop, Menu, Photo Gallery, and prominent Contact-buttons. If you have a compelling tale to share, a wonderful assortment of coffees, or an all-day menu, you could think about employing Eldridge.

Conclusion on cafe websites

If you don’t have a good eye for design, putting a website up for your restaurant might seem like a scary idea. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a selection of the best coffee shop websites’ designs to allay your concerns and awaken your senses.

We have put prepared a selection of motivational website templates that you may utilize. Make sure your website has all the functionality you need while developing it, and spend some time modifying the template to reflect the colors of your company.

We really hope that you were motivated and inspired to begin your coffee shop website.

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