Song Review: E’Last – Thrill

Since their debut in 2020, E’Last have developed a theatrical sound that blends boy group tropes with symphonic flourishes and moments of grandiose melody. Last year’s Creature was a misstep, opting for an anti-drop chorus that sacrificed the group’s greatest assets. Luckily, new single Thrill dives in the opposite direction with a full-throated, rock-infused chorus. It may not be their strongest work yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.

There’s a fantastic song buried in here, but Thrill would do well to trim its duller moments. The first verse delivers a gradual build, but it feels a little aimless. It’s not until we get to the chorus that the song gains focus. This hook is slightly underdeveloped, but its bones are strong. You can almost hear how it might sound if released during K-pop’s second or third generation, freed from the need to constantly shift energy and tempo so that its performers can pose and mug for the camera.

Frustratingly, Thrill slows again for verse two. This stop/start structure can be quite… er… thrilling, but you’ve got to make sure both extremes are satisfying on their own. In this case, the verses need some serious tightening. It feels like they’re killing time until we return to that standout chorus. The track doles out enough highlights to work overall, and it’s downright excellent from the 1:52 mark on. But, I’m not sure one minute of excellence is enough to call this a standout.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-

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