Naturally Divine by Cualiti Photo Studio

“Naturally Divine” is a photography editorial that brings biblical mythology and allegories into the modern age. It is a fresh take on classic religious stories, creating an original interpretation of them for today.

Cualiti Photo Studio, based in Valencia, has produced a photographic editorial titled “Naturally Divine”. It’s a modern and fresh reimagining of biblical mythology and allegories. The studio has used light as its main tool instead of relying on traditional product photography. This creative team seeks to capture concepts such as spirituality, transformation, vulnerability, and self-connection by utilizing lamps not just for decoration but also within the scene itself. With this innovative approach to storytelling through the imagery they are forging new paths in their field.

Below you can see a selection of images from the project. Please visit Cualiti Photo Studio’s website to see more of their creative work.

Naturally Divine by Cualiti Photo Studio

All images © by Cualiti Photo Studio. Check out our Photography section for more inspiring imagery.

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