Argentinian soccer star applies for Russian passport

Benjamin Garre has signed a contract with Russia’s Krylia Sovetov soccer club for three and a half years

An Argentinian professional soccer player, Benjamin Garre, has declared his intention to apply for Russian citizenship just months after signing a contract with the Krylia Sovetov club based in the Russian city of Samara.

The soccer star first told the club director, Sergey Kornilenko, about his plans, Russia’s Match TV sports channel reported this week. In a talk with the channel, Garre confirmed his intention. “I might spend many years in this country. I’ve only been here a month, but I’m already feeling great!” he said.

“I want to get a [Russian] passport, and I am ready to spend many years in Russia,” he added. Last week, his agent, Emilio Champion, told Match TV that he was helping the soccer player get all the necessary documents for Russian citizenship.

“We are still gathering all the necessary papers… That will take some time to fulfill all the [Russian] government requirements,” Champion said. Earlier, Champion also said that Garre was likely to give up his Argentinian citizenship to get the Russian one.

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