Video Premiere: Antrvm – “Not Dead Enough” (ft. Yohan Kisser)

The Brazilian death metal legacy continues on through new-school quintet, Antrvm, which features Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser’s son, Yohan Kisser, on guitar. The band, which also features Victor Cutrale (vocals), Victor Henrique (guitars), Bruno Nicolozzi (bass), Matt Carrilho (drums), was formed during the pandemic and recorded its soon-to-be-released debut EP, Defiler, in September 2021. We’re premiering a video for the track “Not Dead Enough,” the first single from the record.

“Not Dead Enough” is a pretty much straight-up, multi-camera performance video, which was filmed in São Paulo and directed and edited by André Neves. It’s a solid punch of melodic death metal with plenty of demented shredding and Cutrale’s forceful, guttural roar. A great intro to the next generation of Brazilian DM. Defiler was tracked individually at each member’s home (Ayka Pilli played bass and MaurÌcio Weimar played drums on the recording), and the vocals were recorded at Loud Factory with Wagner Meirinho. It was mixed and mastered by Brendan Duffey. It’s set for release in the future via Canil Records. You can preorder it here.

Here’s what vocalist Victor Cutrale had to say about the track.

“The idea of the song itself is a tribute to death metal, which brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding a freshness derived from the members’ energy and vision. It’s a song that brings out the epic and brutal side of the style’s compositions. The lyrics narrate a demonic zombie apocalypse, destroying society and its hypocrisy. We wanted to make the sound as powerful as possible, a tribute to the style while still being exciting. You get the feeling of maximum speed and crushing weight. It’s a song that represents where we want to go.”

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