Video/Track Premiere: Invicta Battles into the Beyond with “Battle the Beyond”

If you hadn’t heard of Invicta before now, don’t sulk or feel that you have to cash in your underground cred card just yet. Hailing from Kitchener, Ontario — probably best known for awesome record shop Encore Records and being the home of Profound Lore Records, sort of — you have to imagine that having friends in high places has recently helped this melodic thrash quartet’s profile. Y’see, you and I are now hearing the Invicta name being kicked around given that guitarist/vocalist Kyle Edissi has been holding down six strings for Bay Area thrash vets Heathen in a touring capacity for the last year or so. Edissi, along with drummer Sharif Hassanien, guitarist Jonah Kay and bassist Steven Rowlands, have as Invicta recently issue their second full length, Triumph and Torment and we, in salutation of its release a month or so ago, are premiering the live video for one of its tracks “Battle the Beyond.”  Says the band: “Fun and raw, live off the floor video from our Toronto show supporting Heathen and Arrival of Autumn in March! Feels great to be playing these Triumph and Torment songs live!”

The band has gone on record claiming themselves to be “a cross between Revocation, Kreator and Iron Maiden.” You be the judge. And if you can’t figure things out after spinning one track alone, check out the band here, there and everywhere at the usual locations.

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