The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

I was flipping through a book on ancient Egypt the other day, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the captivating Egyptian fonts. You know, those striking, historically-inspired typefaces that take us back to the grandeur of an ancient civilization?

Well, I got totally hooked and decided to write an intro for an article all about these intriguing and impressive fonts. Are you ready to unearth the mysteries of Egyptian fonts with me? Let’s get our Indiana Jones on!

I’ve always been fascinated by how certain fonts can evoke such vivid imagery and emotions, and Egyptian fonts are no exception. They have this incredible ability to transport us to a time of pharaohs, pyramids, and powerful gods with just a few masterfully crafted strokes.

And the best part? There are so many different Egyptian fonts out there, each with its own unique style and flair. From bold and monumental to elegant and intricate, there’s an Egyptian font for every taste and occasion.

List Of Best Egyptian Fonts For Your Designs

Are you trying to find the ideal Egypt fonts? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Discover the ideal font for your upcoming web and print design projects of all sizes by browsing the Egypt fonts available for download below.

Hollow Mummy Font

Hollow-Mummy-Font The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

A layered Egyptian typeface called Hollow Mummy has a mummy display font that makes it ideal for Halloween events and advertising. The Attype Studio created and published this font, which has a distinctive scary and horror aesthetic. The Hollow Mummy Egyptian typeface is ideal for use in a variety of contexts, including book and game titles, merchandising, social media posts, invitations, branding, stationery, product packaging, blog designs, charming style designs, and more.

Bodoni Egyptian Mono Font

Bodoni-Egyptian-Mono-Font-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

The Bodoni Egyptian Mono typeface channels the traditional dignity of early 19th-century letter forms, presenting a quite proper family of OpenType fonts with a copious range of OpenType features—small caps, fractions, superior and inferior figures, alternate old style figures—rendered throughout five weights in both roman and italic. This typeface serves as an ironic gloss on the unsophisticated “typewriter” genre.

Atenea Egyptian

Atenea-Egyptian The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

Olcar Alcaide created the Atenea Egyptian Font Family, which was released by Eurotypo. There are nine types and family package options in Atenea Egyptian. Slab serif typeface Atenea Egyptian draws inspiration from humanistic type influences. It is a modern aesthetic characterized by sharp contrast, modular proportion, and stylised rhythms. Standard and optional ligatures, tiny caps, fractions, old style, and lining numerals are all included in Atenea Egyptian.

The Cleopatras Typeface

The-Cleopatras-Typeface-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

Clean Egyptian-inspired serif font Cleopatras features distinctive characters and a range of other style sets. This font is ideal for a classy logo, branding, travel promotion, magazine layout, beauty product, packaging product, quotes, or just as a chic text overlay to any backdrop image.

Sabana – Arabic Font

Sabana-–-Arabic-Font-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

The Egyptian font Sabana is perfect for Islamic holidays. You can make Ramadan Kareem cards and utilize this for Ramadan tasks. Since it is accessible in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats, using it for a variety of projects won’t present any problems.

Eponymous Font

Eponymous-Font The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

One of Paulo Goode’s Slab Serif Egyptian typefaces is called Eponymous. This large typeface is offered in 5 weights and in Roman and Italic. This typeface offers a complete set of small capitals with diacritics, figures, and alternate characters. Eponymous also supports the entire set of characters used in Europe.

Hodgeson Font

Hodgeson-Font-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

A natural Egyptian font style and bespoke writing were meticulously combined to create this contemporary calligraphic slab serif typeface. The four distinct styles of the Hodgeson typeface are Round, Shadow, Italic, and Normal. And you can use it for a wide range of design objectives.

The more than 400 glyphs in this typeface include Open Type elements including ligatures, swashes, and alternates. This font is ideal for display, quotes, embroidery, general stores, logotypes, and the design of t-shirts, among other uses.

Khepri Egyptian Typeface

Khepri-Egyptian-Typeface-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

One such sans serif typeface that takes its cue from Egyptian hieroglyphs and gives it a contemporary spin is Khepri. It shares the same magical ability to capture viewers from the very first glance. Each character in Khepri was created by Ochaya Creations to have a distinct personality while yet standing out from the others.

This multipurpose typeface not only looks great when used alone in designs, but it can also be combined with other fonts to create the title headings for posters, booklets, and other print projects. The typeface includes punctuation, numerals, and all the alphabets in uppercase.

Gimbal Egyptian

Gimbal-Egyptian The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

Nicholas Garner created the Gimbal Egyptian Font Family, which was released by AVP. Gimbal Egyptian offers family packages with 48 different styles. A font family with several style options and a variety of language support is Gimbal Egyptian. It shares the same range of weights and features as the sans-serif family Gimbal Grotesque.

The letterforms, which were originally intended to be a modest webfont family, have been given new life and the family has been expanded to produce a flexible multi-script text face that looks equally at home on the printed page. Gimbal, which has been thoughtfully designed in all weights, is also ideally suited for headlines and display applications like posters, exhibits, and signage. It also displays well on screens for general document preparation and web-based applications.

Horus Font

Horus-Font-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

Horus Font Family was built using today’s modern serif font philosophy, making it a versatile family that can be utilized in many different design projects, even if it was influenced by ancient Egyptian art and stone carving inscriptions. From body text to enormous titles, from classic styles to current and bold styles, this font offers a wide range of styles to help you find the ideal mood for your projects.

It works well for a variety of uses, including book and magazine covers, editorials, headlines, websites, logos, invites, branding, and advertising.

Egyp Font

Egyp-Font The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

The Egyptian symbols that were utilized in a book produced in 1731 served as the inspiration for the Jadugar Design Studio’s Egyp-Font design. I hope you will like designing your cards, t-shirts, mugs, and other items using this font.

Aspernatur Vintage Font

Aspernatur-Vintage-Font-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

A vintage-style Egyptian font called Aspernatur was designed to resemble books from the 1800s. This font family gives designs a retro feel and is the ideal choice for display needs. The decorations the characters choose give them a distinctive appearance. This typeface is available to you in OTF, TTF, and WOFF forms, allowing you to use it for a variety of applications.

Moses – Display Grotesque Typeface

Moses-–-Display-Grotesque-Typeface-1 The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

Moses is a grotesque font with Egyptian roots. This font, which depicts the Egyptian-era structures like the pyramids, works well for hefty, bold designs. It is a display font that works well for titles, headings, labels, branding initiatives, and other large text.

Even digital items can use it to create stunning looks. It has all features, including punctuation, numbers, and both uppercase and lowercase letters, for ease of use. This font is offered in OTF and TTF formats and has three different weights: regular, rough, and aged.

Egyptian Outline font

Egyptian-Outline-font The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

Shelley is a brand-new retro Egyptian font created by a well-known designer. The hieroglyphics and culture of Ancient Egypt served as inspiration for this decorative typeface as well.

Ephemera Egyptian

Ephemera-Egyptian The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

 Ilham Herry created and Ephemera Fonts released the Egyptian Ephemera Font Family. Egyptian Ephemera is a typeface used frequently in the art and craft of sign making that was inspired by simple block letters. 5 available designs range from subtle to bold.

Moreover, changeable typefaces are now available for the first time. This font’s little spurs on each stem and terminal, which are meant to resemble an entry and finish brush stroke, are one of its distinctive features. Support for OpenType features including Smallcaps, Tabular Figure, Superscript, and two different ampersands is available. For display purposes, such as headlines, signage, logotypes, badge designs, packaging, etc., this typeface was developed.

Mionic – Variable Fonts

Mionic-–-Variable-Fonts The Best Egyptian Fonts for Your Ancient and Modern Designs

An old-fashioned Egyptian font from the slab serif family is called Mionic. It has a contemporary appearance and is appropriate for larger typography projects like posters, logos, and headlines. You may adjust the weight of the letters based on your design needs because it contains flexible fonts. It supports a variety of languages, making it simple for you to make attractive graphics.

FAQ about Egyptian fonts

What are Egyptian fonts?

Egyptian typefaces are a particular category of fonts distinguished by their bold, angular, and slab-serif appearance. They are frequently employed in designs that seek to convey a sense of ancient Egypt or the Middle East and are frequently influenced by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and art.

What are the characteristics of Egyptian fonts?

The robust, slab-serif aspect of Egyptian typefaces is distinctive, as are the square or rectangular serifs that occur at the end of each stroke. They are highly legible and dramatic because to the strong vertical emphasis and frequently hefty stroke weight. They frequently have an angular or geometric appearance, and they may also have Egyptian-inspired elements like hieroglyphics.

What is the history of Egyptian fonts?

Egyptian fonts have a rich history that dates back to the creation of the earliest slab-serif typefaces in the early 19th century. The first commercially successful Egyptian font, known as Egyptienne, was introduced in the middle of the 19th century, which helped to further promote the design. Since that time, Egyptian fonts have been frequently utilised in graphic design, editorial design, and advertising.

What are some examples of Egyptian fonts?

Egyptienne, Clarendon, Rockwell, and Cairo are a few examples of well-known Egyptian fonts. Each of these fonts has a distinct angular or geometric design and seems bold and slab-serif.

What are the best uses for Egyptian fonts?

Egyptian fonts work best in artwork intended to evoke the Middle East or ancient Egypt. They frequently appear in book covers, movie posters, editorial design, advertising, and other visual media.

How can I download and use Egyptian fonts?

Egyptian fonts can be downloaded for free or a cost from a number of sources, including MyFonts,, and Adobe Fonts. The font can be downloaded and installed on your computer so that you can use it in any design software or application that accepts custom fonts.

What is the difference between hieroglyphics and Egyptian fonts?

The ancient Egyptians utilised a writing system called hieroglyphics, which was made up of graphic symbols that stood in for words and concepts. Egyptian fonts, on the other hand, are contemporary types created for use in contemporary graphic design applications and influenced by the angular, slab-serif appearance of hieroglyphics.

Can Egyptian fonts be used for modern designs?

Certainly, there are many contemporary design contexts in which Egyptian fonts can be employed, including branding, advertising, editorial design, and digital media. They work especially well in designs that are meant to create a sense of tradition, history, or exoticism.

What are some tips for designing with Egyptian fonts?

It’s crucial to think about the design’s overall look while using Egyptian typefaces and pick a font that goes well with the other design components. It’s also critical to consider readability and legibility because some Egyptian typefaces might be challenging to read in smaller sizes or against particular backdrops. In order to identify the font that works best for your design, experiment with numerous weights, styles, and iterations.

How do I choose the right Egyptian font for my project?

Consider the overall tone and aesthetic of the design, the target audience, and the project’s goal when selecting an Egyptian typeface. For example, dramatic and impactful designs for advertising may fit some fonts better than more subdued and beautiful styles for editorial or branding. Also, it’s critical to think about the font’s legibility and readability, especially if it will be used in smaller sizes or on specific backdrops.

Ending thoughts on Egyptian fonts

No other category has the slightest chance to compete with Egyptian typefaces and the timeless magical atmosphere they add when it comes to providing a solid background for your projects. This expansive collection gives you a wide selection of options to completely embellish your text, ranging from contemporary elegance to a polished tribal style.

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