Full Album Stream: Grave Desecrator – ‘Immundissime Spiritus’

Formed in the dawn of the new millennium, the Rio De Janeiro-based blasphemers in Grave DesecratorButcherazor (vocals/guitars/bass), Mkult (drums), Black Sin and Damnation (guitars/bass)—have been assaulting ears and sensibilities for a couple decades now. Their black/death metal fury clearly hasn’t diminished in that time, as evidenced by the outfit’s fourth full-length we’re offering up, Immundissime Spiritus. The 10-track blitzkrieg is a relentless attack of tremolo-picked aggression, ghoulish vocals, fucking insane lead guitar pyrotechnics and a wholly appropriate cover of GG Allin’s “Fuck the Dead.”

Immundissime Spiritus was produced by Grave Desecrator with Caio Mendonça and Felipe Borges at the band’s home studio, HCS Studio and Tellus Studio between October 2021 and October 2022. It was mixed and mastered by Caio Mendonça and Felipe Borges at Tellus Studio from October to December 2022.

It’s set for release May 12 on CD and digitally in Europe/USA/Asia via From Deepest Records. You can preorder here. It’s also been licensed to labels in numerous South American countries: Brazil:  Misanthropic Recs (CD), Black Hearts Records (CD), and Xaninho Discos (CD); Chile:Morbid Ways To Die (Cassette); Colombia:Tanatofobia Prods. (CD + T-shirt); Peru:Goat Eyaculation Records (Cassette).

Here’s what the band had to say about its latest:

Immunidissime Spiritus is a bath in the mucous of the abyss, the orgasm through death, a praise to the misery of mankind, and the chant coming from the cemetery. This album captures the obscure and summons the occult, words of hate, and sounds from hell to imprison your soul. Here there’s no peace.”

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