Song Review: (G)I-DLE – Allergy

(G)I-DLE - AllergyYou could say I’ve been hard on (G)I-DLE’s music so far, but everyone has their musical pet peeves and too many of their songs simply push the wrong buttons for me. However, I’m always ready to approach new music with an open mind, and pre-releases offer a great chance for acts to play a little loose with expectations.

Allergy arrives less than a week before the group’s newest mini-album. It takes a more straightforward approach, blending relatable themes with a punchy rock backdrop. Being the old-school K-pop fan I am, I was immediately reminded of 2NE1’s Ugly – a high-water mark of this particular sub-genre. Allergy doesn’t find melodies as sticky as that classic, but its energy and sentiment are similar.

Apart from the requisite second-verse tempo shift, Allergy keeps momentum throughout. I enjoy the build toward the first chorus, which gives each member’s unique vocal space to shine. The hook itself is slightly generic and not quite as anthemic as it could be, but its early-00’s pop/rock sound gets the job done. I can imagine this being streamed throughout many a teenagers’ room. Even so, it skews a bit young for me and could do with some roughing up around the edges. I’m waiting for (G)I-DLE to fully embrace their punk rock side!

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-

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