Learn Street Photography with Your Phone: Color and Composition Online Course

Learn the art of capturing candid shots of urban streets on your mobile phone and how to enhance them using Lightroom Mobile.

Josh Edgoose, a skilled photographer, believes that the best camera is the one you have at hand. He has a knack for capturing vibrant and amusing pictures of the environment around him and turning them into fascinating visuals that convey a narrative. He has a significant following of over 100K on Instagram, where he shares his work, which has been showcased in noteworthy publications such as The Guardian and It’s Nice That.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of color and composition and how to use them in street photography from Josh. With the knowledge and confidence gained, you will be able to capture captivating photos of your surroundings using only your mobile phone. Are you prepared to take on any photographic challenge the world presents?

Learn Street Photography with Your Phone: Color and Composition Online Course

What can you expect to learn from this online course?

Start the course by familiarizing yourself with photographer Josh Edgoose. He shares the creative journey that led him to become a full-time freelance photographer and discusses the artists and influences that have inspired his work.

Find out how to take great phone photos and enhance your awareness of your surroundings to capture more captivating shots. Discover techniques for creating beautiful compositions, delve into color theory, and learn to use it to capture images that complement each other.

To capture a street scene like a pro, it’s important to first create a shot list and plan out your approach. Pay attention to the people and geometry in the scene, and focus on capturing finer details for a more nuanced shot. Experiment with reflections to add depth and contrast, and explore subframes and perspectives to add interest. Don’t forget to adjust your smartphone settings to get the best possible outcome.

Please take some time to review your images and select your favorites. Afterward, you can edit them with Lightroom for mobile to adjust the exposure and white balance. Finally, as you complete the course, Josh offers valuable insights on how to share your work on social media, participate in competitions, and establish an online audience.

What is this course’s project?

Capture and enhance a set of five pictures, utilizing color and composition to portray a portrait of your desired location. This tutorial is open to all who wish to master the art of taking and enhancing street photographs on their mobile devices. Prior experience is not necessary, but a mobile phone, editing software, and a comfortable pair of shoes are required.

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