Global Pop Round-Up: October 2023 Edition

The Bias List is a K-pop blog that also covers a fair amount of J-pop. But just like most music fans, I enjoy tracks from all around the world. So, I thought I’d start a monthly round-up of some of the non-K-pop songs that have caught my ear. No ratings — just highlights!

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Arwin – More Than Just A Feeling

A great dance pop track with a standout chorus. Sometimes that’s all you need!

Chappell Roan – Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl

Possibly the best chorus of the year? “Massive” doesn’t even begin to describe how gargantuan this hook is. It punches you right in the face in the best way possible.

Gunship – Unicorn (Album)

It’s been a long time since an album impressed me this much on first listen. There are many synthwave groups out there, but most are either entirely instrumental or very downtempo. Gunship delivers 80’s anthems with rock intensity. I’m totally smitten with these songs.

I’m going to include one of the album’s most instant b-sides, the excellent opener that was released back in July and a sampler of all the tracks. Get into it!

(and thanks to the reader who initially brought the group to my attention in the comments section!)

Jax Jones – Won’t Forget You (ft. D.O.D & Ina Wroldsen)

You can’t go wrong with cheesy, late-90’s dance sounds. If you liked Alice Deejay, you’ll love this.

Kylie Minogue – Tension (Album)

I say this as a fan for twenty-three years, but this may just be my favorite Kylie album. It’s certainly in the top five. There’s a certain style of wistful, euphoric pop she executes on tracks like Hold On To Now, Things We Do For Love, You Still Get Me High, Story and Somebody To Love that’s simply perfection. It’s one of the best albums of the year.

Lenny Kravitz – TK421

This groove is as Prince as Lenny’s ever gotten, and that’s saying something!

Loreen – Is It Love

A definite comedown after the excellent Tattoo, but I’m always happy to have more music from Loreen.

Madison Rose – Girls Girls Girls

Madison Rose has to be the most underrated pop artist working today. She continues to deliver maximalist excellence with this new single. SO catchy.

Neea River – Burned CD

Finland’s Neea River is officially three for three with another fantastic electro banger!

Oscar Zia – Heartbreakmiljonär

Oscar Zia’s new album is really strong, stuffed with numerous dance pop highlights. Heartbreakmiljonär has that effortlessly cool Swedish touch with rave-like intensity.

Rêve – Saturn Return (Album)

Released just yesterday, Rêve’s debut album will please fans of disco and electro. I especially love the more melodically  ambitious tracks, such as the choir-meets-dancefloor theatrics of opener Breaking Up With Jesus and the pop perfection of this summer’s single Contemporary Love.

Slayyyter – Starfucker (Album)

It’s been a STRONG month for dance pop albums, and Slayyyter sits comfortably among her bigger-named peers. There’s a ton of Gaga influence on this album but it’s dirtier and even more tongue-in-cheek. I’ve already featured the singles on this blog, but I’ll include a few choice b-sides here.

SVEA – Dead Man Walking

A bulletproof pop banger with a stomping glam beat. Great for Halloween!

Troye Sivan – Got Me Started

His album’s pretty good if you remove three dull songs from the middle of the tracklist, but this single is absolutely fantastic. THIS is how you do laidback grooves. Everything is on point, from the addictive melodies to the vocal filter on the chorus.

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