Song Review: Seventeen – God Of Music

Seventeen have yet again broken pre-order records for their new album. It’s astonishing how much of a global juggernaut they’ve become, especially considering Pledis Entertainment’s dire straights when they first debuted. This success calls for a victory lap, and new single God Of Music (음악의 신) is happy to oblige. I love the ambition in that title alone, and I want to love the song equally as much.

God Of Music hinges on so many of my favorite Seventeen elements. Its energy is big and bright, its tempo is bounding, and the guys stuff everything they have into the mix. In a K-pop climate that can often be called “subdued,” it’s nice to hear one of the industry’s biggest groups throw it all on the line. They attack the song with gusto and the instrumental responds accordingly. It’s a big ball of rhythm and sunshine, ablaze with brass flourishes and synth solos. They haven’t sounded this ebullient on a title track since 2016’s classic Very Nice.

However — and I hate to say this — God Of Music‘s melodies do nothing for me. I find them flat and a little fuddy duddy. The chorus, especially, feels like a first draft before uncovering a stronger series of hooks. With so much verve propping up the track, God Of Music gets by on goodwill. But apart from the driving pre-chorus, there’s just not enough melodic highlights to make this a standout in their discography. Still, I’m happy they swung for the pop rafters this time. I’m confident the live performances will compensate for some of the song’s shortcomings.






Grade: B

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