Video Premiere: Horsewhip – ‘Plague Machine’

We’ve talked about Horsewhip a bunch on here before and not just because they’re a nostalgia act featuring former members of some of the era’s best hardcore bands (Combatwoundedveteran, Reversal of Man, etc.). No, Horsewhip’s brand of dark hardcore is explosive and atmospheric, calling to mind a more-direct version of Neurosis’ early work while also channeling influence from the likes of Disfear and His Hero is Gone.

The accompanying video (watch below) contains a few different ideas, which the band explains:

“The consequences of Earth’s carrying capacity is unfolding in real time before our eyes. The plague machine of humanity is our own planned obsolescence in a rigged game of chess against human existence. Earth will survive but we won’t.

“We teamed up filmmaker and photographer, Annette Moon and gave her full control of her own vision for our song with limited direction we had for the video,” explains Horsewhip’s Dave Tetan. “She writes:

“‘My inspiration for the video was; Creeping death and a fleeting moment of finding beauty in a dying world before ultimately being consumed by “blissful” ignorance, which in my opinion is the true plague. I believe that we could change the state of things if we really wanted to…but instead watch it all burn in an eerie, hypnotic compliance. It’s as though we’ve accepted our fate & I wanted to draw attention to that.’

“We loved her visual interpretation of our song and the end result speaks for itself. It’s one of our favorite tracks from the record which manifested quickly and late in the recording process.”

Consume and Burn is out in full on November 10 via Iodine Recordings.

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