Song Review: Kwon Eunbi – Like Heaven (ft. Paul Blanco)

Proving they can (barely) walk and chew gum at the same time, Woollim Entertainment has released a special digital single from Kwon Eunbi during the lead-up to Golden Child’s latest comeback. Longtime fans of the agency will know how rare this double whammy is for the agency!

Kwon Eunbi is enjoying renewed attention this year, and it’s smart to capitalize on that with a steadier stream of music. Like Heaven is a pleasant mid-tempo with strong city pop influences. It features guest singer/rapper Paul Blanco, turning the track into a proper duet. Within this subgenre, Like Heaven has enough bounce in its step to feel refreshing. It’s not setting the world on fire, but it’ll work well on a comforting playlist for the holidays. Even so, Eunbi’s strongest strengths remain as a dance singer.






Grade: C-

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