Vigor Chronicles: Malediction Now Available

Now available for PC and consoles, players will be able to invoke their malediction with the release of Bohemia Interactive’s Vigor Chronicles: Malediction.

As part of update 17.0 to the free-to-play shooter, Vigor Chronicles: Malediction puts a focus on Leaderboards. With these in place, players will be able to track various stats across all of this title’s game modes.

In addition, this update will also have Myren entering as the latest Elimination map, which was previously introduced in Encounters and Shootout in previous seasons.

Finally, update 17.0 brings with it a horror-themed Battle Pass complete with new cosmetics, new Booster Tickets and the Taiga 21 shotgun.

Learn more with the Vigor Chronicles: Malediction trailer below:

Vigor Chronicles: Malediction – Trailer

According to Marketing Specialist Antonis Dimosthenous:

“This is the last update of this year, and naturally we want to close 2023 with a bang. Which is why we decided to go with a horror-themed Battle Pass, as it was one of the most requested themes from our community, and the timing felt right being just right around the corner with Halloween. We’re also very pleased to introduce the new Leaderboards to our Outlanders where they can keep track of more stats than before and specific stats for each game mode. And Myren will be finally part of all game modes, since we’re releasing it now as an Elimination map”Antonis Dimosthenous

Source: Press Release
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