Mouth For War Drop New Video “Captivated,” Breakdown Album Bleed Yourself With Decibel’s Q&A

Vicious Colorado-based quintet Mouth for War unleashes brutal therapy on their new album Bleed Yourself, available on October 27th through MNRK Heavy.

The combined forces of Trae Roberts [vocals], Mason Sego [drums], Gabe Moya [guitar], Jonah Starbuck [guitar], and Michael Guglielmi [bass]—rally listeners together around unflinchingly honest and uncontainable bursts of aggression and emotion.

Decibel is proud to unveil their latest single and music video “Captivated” alongside an in-depth Q&A with frontman Trae Roberts.

Life Cast in Glass had no shortage of critical or fan appreciation. As a band on the rise, is there a feeling of trying to live up to your previous creation? Or is staying in the moment key?

Trae: Any time M4W creates a new piece of art, it’s always a big goal to feel like we majorly one-upped our last release, and incorporate lots of new elements while still holding on to sounds that we’ve been making since the start.

Much has been made of artists, particularly in the heavy space, using art as a form of therapy. In music as visceral and raw as this, is there a catharsis that comes through the creative process?

Most definitely, especially with the personal lyrical content of our last two records, getting to release some of these emotions this way is like a huge weight off of my shoulders.

How was the process of heading to Brick Top in Chicago with Pete Grossmann for this record? Did leaving Colorado provide something new to the recording experience?

With this being the first record we didn’t engineer ourselves, it definitely made for a cool new experience for each of us. Getting to lock ourselves in a new creative environment for a week and just have a good time making a cool record in a cool place was therapeutic for all of us I think.

Speaking of Colorado, we keep seeing more and more fantastic heavy acts emerging from the mountains. Is the scene as vibrant as we think?

Trae: The Colorado scene rocks and I’m super proud to be from here. Half the reason I ended up relocating from Indiana to Colorado was because of the scene. Lots of cool bands you can check out like Fox Lake, Destiny Bond, Moral Law, and tons more that are worthwhile.

Listening through this record, there are a ton of emotions and feelings at play here. Boiling all down, when you look back at the end result of Bleed Yourself, what’s one word that comes to mind?

Closure. Though there’s still a lot to work through in my brain, working on the lyrical content for this album really turned some pages in helping me through my grief.

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