Vampire: The Masquerade Collaboration with Dying Light 2 Now Available

Starting today, players will be able to experience the world of Vampire: The Masquerade with the latest Dying Light 2 collaboration event.

Running through November 2, players will be more likely to cut off limbs and inflict more damage at night. Vials of Banu Haqim, Brujah, and Tremere Blood will be available, each granting characters temporary powers that are focused on Combat, Traversal, and Survival.

These Vials can be found when looting Dark Hollows or Forsaken Stores, and also by taking down Volatiles, Tyrants, Hives, and Revenants. Those that reach each new goal in the game will also be able to claim for themselves a number of vampiric rewards.

Players can meet Vampire: The Masquerade Event’s goals by completing Bounties and fulfilling Challenges (silver level, minimum).

The Participation Goal can be achieved by getting three Vials of either Banu Haqim, Brujah, or Tremere Blood. Meanwhile, completing five goals will let players reach the Warm-Up Goal, which yields the Bloodbane Blade weapon and blueprint.

For those looking for more, the Personal Goal – which features the Banu Haqim outfit – requires 11. Finally, if all players together complete 775,000 bounties and/or challenges during the event, everyone will get a Banu Haqim Charm and the Haqim’s Ascent paraglider skin.

This update is free to all Dying Light 2 Stay Human players on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Press Release

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