Song Review: LE SSERAFIM – Perfect Night

Early visual teasers of LE SSERAFIM’s special Overwatch 2 single Perfect Night had me excited. Their 80’s aesthetic seemed to portend a concept change — maybe a successor to fellow retro girl group tracks La Di Da or I Can’t Stop Me? I mean, isn’t it time the HYBE girls turned up the synths and amped up the energy?

That’s not really their thing and… fair enough, I guess. After all, K-pop is in its subdued era and Perfect Night fits neatly within that realm. Rather than be the party, it’s the understated musings of a party yet to happen (or maybe one that’s already passed). There’s a bit of groove in the song’s unobtrusive beat, but nothing that’s going to wake the neighbors. It’s a whiff of a song, airy and downright ephemeral. This hazy atmosphere spotlights the girls’ voices and I really enjoy the layered arrangements found throughout. But without a hearty series of melodies to play off of, too much of Perfect Night feels inconsequential. The song is nice, but I struggle to muster up even an ounce of passion around it.






Grade: C

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