CONTEST: Win a Test Pressing of Triumph of Death’s Live Album & Signed Art Card

You might have gotten the impression that we like the work of one Tom G. Warrior at Decibel Magazine and you would be absolutely correct. From his pioneering work in Celtic Frost to genre-boundary obliteration in Triptykon to his early days with Hellhammer, Warrior’s music has been featured frequently on the site, which is why we’re stoked about this new giveaway.

Triumph of Death—the band formed by Warrior and late bassist Martin Eric Ain to perform Hellhammer material without resurrecting the band proper—are slated to release their debut live album, Resurrection of the Flesh, on November 10 and Decibel is giving away an exclusive test pressing and art card with signed 7″ to go along with the release.

Says Warrior about the album, which was recorded at festivals in three countries: “This album is, most importantly, testament to the unique connection that exists between the audience and this band. Hellhammer’s music was an underground token in 1982 to 1984, often ridiculed and shunned, and we owe the fact that we are now able to perform it all across the globe entirely to grace, openness, and enthusiasm of those who make exactly these concerts possible. They give us as much as we given them, and my gratitude to them knows no limits.”

Entering is simple—just shoot an email with the subject TRIUMPH OF DEATH and your favorite Hellhammer or Celtic Frost song in the body. Please submit your entry by November 10; participation is limited to North American residents only.

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