Full EP STream: Bleach Everything – “All Alone in Dirt”

You got five minutes? What about four and a half? That’s all you need to enjoy Bleach Everything‘s All Alone in Dirt, the new EP from Richmond, Virginia’s favored sludgy hardcore punk(-ish) band.

Like we said, the EP is four-and-half minutes long and contains four songs; within those limitations, Bleach Everything manage to cover a pretty damn impressive amount of styles. Bookending tracks “Canopic Jars” and “The Happiness” are fun punk ragers that practically put a cheap beer in your hand upon pressing play.

The almost two-minute “Truth at the Dead Ends” is up second and is a lot different than “Canopic Jars” and “The Happiness,” swapping screams and quite-as-high speeds for moody, danceable punk. The EP, like just about everything else Bleach Everything record, is inspired by Halloween and Halloween-adjacent happenings, and the mood really comes out on “Truth at the Dead Ends.” “Praetorian” was described as a guitar seance, serving to drive the Halloween mood home. Of course, All Alone in Dirt ends on a fast song and all is right in the universe.

You should have approximately two-and-a-half minutes left on your stream, so head to Dark Operative’s Bandcamp (below) to score this EP on picture flexi or digitally.

All Alone in Dirt by Bleach Everything

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