Inside The ‘New Mexico-Inspired’ Retreat Of Kip&Co’s Kate Heppell

Inside The ‘New Mexico-Inspired’ Retreat Of Kip&Co’s Kate Heppell


by Christina Karras

Rug from Kip&Co. Cushions from Kip&Co. Painting by Adam Boyd from Stockroom in Kyneton. Ceramic bird by Kaye Clancey. Wall hanging and vintage mirror from the Daylesford Mill Market.

Kate Heppell inside her family’s Tylden holiday home. Rug from Kip&Co. Cushions from Kip&Co. Painting by Adam Boyd from Stockroom in Kyneton. Ceramic earn by Kaye Clancey. Kate wears the Tjulpu Kulunypa Silk Shirt by Kip&Co x Ernabella Arts.

Rug from Kip&Co. Cushions from Kip&Co. Vintage couch. Green marble coffee table from Kabinett. Hand sculpture by Pip Ryan from Stockroom. Ceramic urn by Kaye Clancy. Tablecloth and vase by Kip&Co. Wall art by local artist Natalie Davis from Chalky Signs. Horse Photo by Brooke Holm.

Rug from Kip&Co. Cushions from Kip&Co. Green marble coffee table from Kabinett. Painting by Adam Boyd from Stockroom.

Tablecloth, floormat and cushion from Kip&Co. Shell mirror and embroidered floral artwork from Geelong Vintage Market. Ceramic wall plate from Arizona — something the original owner left with the property.

Tea towel, oven mitt, vase from Kip&Co. Wall painted Dulux Kimberly Tree. Antique fruit bowl from Borneo. Horse sculptures from a market in Marrakech.

Bedding, throw and cushions from Kip&Co. Lamp from Alba Atelier. Bed Head from Globewest. Wall painted Dulux Golden Grain paint.

Bedding, throw and cushions from Kip&Co. Cockatoo light from Rigbys. Vintage wall hanging from the Mill Market in Daylesford. Egg & Bacon art by Matte Stephens from Outre gallery. Vintage bed.

Nestled in Macedon Ranges, this unique home brings a taste of New Mexico to regional Victoria.

For the past few years, it’s served as the beloved holiday home of Kate Heppell (Kip&Co co-founder and creative director of Kip&Co) her husband Malcom (DMS Landscapes) and their three boys.

Kate was first introduced to the Tylden property by friend and artist Natalie Davis, who happened to live next door. At the time the ‘hacienda style’ home was owned by a TV director whose love of New Mexico had inspired him to build (in parts himself) a true to style home, straight from the movies.

‘She had suggested the house for a location that Kip&Co might like to shoot at one day,’ Kate says.

Sure enough, Kate loved it. She was taken with the terracotta-toned exterior and the lush green surrounds of the country block. Plus, the rendered white walls inside made a perfect backdrop for the brand’s colourful homewares when Kip&Co photographed a campaign there in 2019. When the house came up for sale two years later, she couldn’t resist snapping it up!

‘The original owner had it so perfectly styled in the New Mexican hacienda style with many knick knacks, ceramics and traditional Navajo textiles,’ Kate says.

‘I actually think he did a better job of the styling than me, but he had collected for years and years in that part of the US. I absolutely adored how he had it. My version is a bit more colourful, but I hope I have achieved that same stylish while eclectic, inviting and casual style.’

The family hasn’t changed much since moving in, only refurnishing, refurbishing, and painting some areas. Malcom has also worked to maintain the landscaping.

There are plenty of fun details dotted across the home, from the cobalt blue-painted window frames to the rustic ‘country-cooking’ kitchen, equipped with a big bench and cast-iron pots.

Each of the rooms has its own vibe thanks to the interior’s playful use of colour; green walls contrast with patterned tiles in the kitchen; timber accents pair perfectly with terracotta tiles; and ochre hues bring a resounding warmth to the bedroom. It’s all been enhanced by Kate’s personal collection of art and furniture — purchased mostly from across regional Victoria — complete with plenty of patterned Kip&Co textiles.

In addition to the main house, there are also two small cabins on the property that are ‘less hacienda style, and more cowboy cottage’. Kate says they have plans to extend the residence in the future, but for now, it’s a transportive getaway from everyday life.

‘There is something about the hebel [build], rendered walls, and angle of the house that means it is so beautifully temperate all year round,’ she adds. And the best bit is the big rendered fireplace, which fills the textural home with a moody glow!

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