Blast Worship: Degenerate Synapse

Where they from?
Chicago, Illinois. On Sunday, I sat in the pouring rain of MetLife Stadium to watch my beloved Jets beat the Giants in overtime. The game itself was a blasphemous blemish to the name of American football. Both teams combined for 24 punts, the most in an NFL game since 2005. If both teams could have lost, they would have.

Why the hype?
Are you a fan of whirling, churning, bowel-grinding death/grind in the vein of Assuck but with a little helping of that modern OSDM groove sound that’s so popular with the kids these days? If you aren’t, why the fuck are you even reading this? Degenerate Synapse really lean heavily on the death aspect of death/grind, but there are plenty of face-eviscerating blast beats to keep the Napalm Death crowd happy, and the riffing is just fantastic. Gotta love a well-placed pinch harmonic to accentuate a truly putrid riff.

Latest Release?
Degenerate Synapse, self-released. Wow, this is really some big boy stuff for a first-ever release. Normally bands have to be at least three albums deep to get to this level of tightness. They execute in a way that neither New York-based football team can right now. I mean 24 fucking punts? In the pouring rain? I was wearing a pink poncho and just begging for mercy by halftime.

Degenerate Synapse by Degenerate Synapse

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