Song Review: Heejin (ARTMS) – Algorithm

Two things immediately caught my attention about Heejin’s Algorithm. First, a pre-release article mentioned the song taking influence from such 80’s luminaries as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and (yes, my queen of all pop queens) Janet Jackson. Second, the track is co-written by Yi Saebom, who gave us this incredible 80’s pastiche in 2020.

Most fans will be more excited about Algorithm because it comes from Heejin herself — former LOONA member and upcoming member of ARTMS. And honestly, this sounds more like LOONA than any of those 80’s artists I listed. The production has a synthy sheen and the percussion approaches a stomping, New Jack Swing beat. But overall, the track is pretty icy and reserved (not something I would ever say about the Madonna/Cyndi/Janet trio!).

Because of this, I can bop pleasantly to Algorithm without getting particularly excited about it. Heejin gives an engaging performance, attacking the verses head on. The chorus is less impactful than I would have liked, hinging on one too many “na na na‘s.” Overall, the song is notable for its groove and energy but misses the indelible melodies that fueled so many 80’s superstars.






Grade: B

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