Song Review: Epik High – Screen Time (ft. Hoshi of Seventeen)

Epik High have a long history of notable collaborations, and many of their enduring classics feature vocals from some of K-pop’s most loved artists. But even with this in mind, I would’ve never expected them to pair with Seventeen’s Hoshi. When I see his name, I immediately picture exciting choreography. However, he proves an adept crooner during the chorus of Screen Time.

This song is quite typical of the slower, moodier side of Epik High’s discography. Several of their songs sound nearly identical in tone, making Screen Time a return that will likely please fans. I don’t think it’s one of their stronger efforts in this realm, as neither the beat nor melodies stand out. But as a calming salve to K-pop’s more aggressive moments, the track is quite welcome. They pull off this vibe very well.






Grade: C

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