Song Review: WayV – On My Youth

WayV’s first full album released all the way back in 2020, leaving fans with infrequent comebacks prior to their new full-length On My Youth. The guys have remained busy appearing on NCT albums and performing at this year’s KCON LA. But now, they’re back with a track that blends old and new to great success.

On My Youth‘s opening verse feels quite refreshing, unveiling a slow build that centers on the members’ vocal prowess. The melodies and arrangement are classic boy band but the delivery is quite cool. For a moment, I thought I was listening to an early-2000’s track from Rain! On My Youth‘s chorus has a more current sound, especially its hip-hop forward moments. The chanted “blame it on my youth” hook has potential to grate, but it’s integrated well into the track and supported by engaging production that makes the track pop.

My favorite aspect of On My Youth is its steadily-increasing build. Rather than repeat the same tricks over and over, the song has an endpoint in mind and gradually adds elements to get there. The strings become more prominent and the performance heightens, making the track feel like an unfolding story with a natural climax. It’s a compelling way to structure a song and bodes well for its longevity.






Grade: B+

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