Song Review: Weeekly – Vroom Vroom

After a long hiatus and drastic concept change, Weeekly returned this September with special fan single Good Day. I enjoyed that song’s upbeat energy, though it didn’t grow into the enduring standout I hoped it would. But with new album ColoRise, the girls have returned to a lighter concept and brought glistening pop melody with them.

Much more than 2022’s misguided Ven Para, Vroom Vroom feels like a comfortable maturation of Weeekly’s sound. It’s stately and reserved, but built upon enough catchy pop hooks to exist comfortably alongside their older material. The song echoes latter-era Apink, which makes sense given the two groups are agency-mates.

Vroom Vroom‘s crystalline chorus is a standout, twisting city pop sounds into something more robust and exciting. The melodies are taut and intentional, twisting in unexpected directions but never succumbing to the dreaded sing-talk that’s plagued many of their peers. My major gripe with the song is that this chorus energy doesn’t carry all the way through. The first verse is painfully hesitant and wastes the opportunity to kick things off with a bang. Verse two is stronger but could still benefit from an extra kick of excitement. Still, Vroom Vroom is a welcome return for Weeekly — hopefully the first of many tracks to deliver this sophisticated sound.






Grade: B

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