Track Premiere: Abyssal Rift – “The Scourge”

Abyssal Rift have just unveiled a track from their forthcoming album Exptirpartion Dirge, out December 1 via Sentient Ruin. The debut album from this heavy, dismal, unrelenting Ohio project is gonna be a great way to end the year.

Some of the best death metal is experimental but still straightforward, striking a balance that comes easily to few. Abyssal Rift achieve just that with this record.

“Extirpation Dirge is Abyssal Rift’s first work, the band say. “The album is kind of a statement on the futility of human existence and the opportunities we’ve wasted along the way.  It’s a fantasy about that. I wanted to capture that bleak feeling on this album. “The scourge” is about the collective realization of humanity’s demise and how we don’t deserve a second chance. I wanted to incorporate all my heavy influences from the ’60s (and) ’70s all the way until now but keeping the album focused as a death metal album at its core.”

The band’s use of synth work and an array of influences play well against classic death metal riffing on this track, and this full-length promises to be a great listen.

Preorder the album here.

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